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Rage Battery Now Carries Two-Way Radio Batteries For Law Enforcement Radios

Rage Battery has a comprehensive line of batteries for land mobile radios that stress quality and performance. Incorporating only “A” grade cells and manufactured to strict quality control standards.

Rage Battery maintains a substantial inventory of LMR batteries for a wide range of radio brands, including Motorola, Ericsson / GE, E.F. Johnson, Kenwood, Yaesu / Vertex, and others.

If you’re looking for LMR batteries that offer reliability, performance, and value, contact Rage Battery today at

LMR Batteries Warranty
Our LMR batteries provide premium performance. During the warranty period (12 to 18 months depending on battery chemistry), Rage Battery warrants that its NiCd or NiMH batteries will maintain at least 80% of their specified capacity or Rage Battery will repair / replace the battery at no charge. To view Rage Battery’s complate Two-Way (LMR) Radio Batteries Price List (PDF), please visit: