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Trending Topics: When a camera helps a cop

By Police1 Staff

As the use of video as a rebuttal to claims of officer misconduct continues to grow, it’s becoming more and more apparent that a camera (or cameras) can be the most vital tool a cop can have on patrol. From excessive force claims to accusations of racial profiling, these five stories capture incidents in which police departments presented video evidence as a counter to serious allegations. Check out the stories below, and be sure to take a look at our previous article for five other cases in which the camera told a different story.

Ala. officer cleared after body cam shows shooting

Chief is lauding body cams for all cops after one of his own wasn’t indicted for a 2013 shooting — thanks to footage showing the suspect charging with a hatchet.

Body cam refutes sexual assault claim against NM officer

Officer’s body cam was activated during the arrest of a woman suspected of DWI – capturing the moment the woman attempted to frame him.

Actress apologizes after dash cam refutes claim her son was racially profiled

Actress Taraji P. Henson apologized for accusing an officer of racially profiling her son after footage of stop was released by PD.

Mich. chief says dash cam refutes brutality claim

Chief said the patrol video shows suspect’s claim “grossly misrepresents” what actually occurred during the stop.

Kan. police dash cam counters claims of excessive force

A viral video alleged officers abused their power in an arrest, but police offered dash cam to back their officers.