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Calgary Police Service first major city in Canada to join the Axon network

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Axon (Nasdaq: AAXN), the global leader in connected law enforcement technologies, and its subsidiary Axon Public Safety Canada Inc., today announced that Alberta’s Calgary Police Service (CPS), a Major Cities Chiefs Association member, plans to roll out Axon Body 2 cameras backed by the digital evidence management system, The order was received in the second quarter of 2018 and will deploy in multiple phases based on a successful 100 camera proof of concept, which will deploy by the end of July. Calgary is the 44th major city in North America to join the Axon Network.

All cameras are backed by Axon’s Technology Assurance Plan with unlimited storage on services. Axon was selected as the preferred vendor for CPS after undergoing a request for proposal (RFP) process. In February 2018, CPS began hands-on testing with Axon and two other shortlisted vendors before making their decision.

“Our experience with some of the largest cities in the world along with our platform will help the efforts of the Calgary Police Service to create a safe, transparent, accountable and innovative policing environment,” says Axon’s Managing Director, Canada & Latin America, Vishal Dhir. “We believe this will not only help CPS in their community, but can also serve as a model for other Canadian agencies.”

About Axon
Axon is a network of devices, apps, and people that helps law enforcement become smarter and safer. Our mission is to Protect Life. Our technologies give law enforcement the confidence, focus, and time they need to keep their communities safe. Our products impact every aspect of an officer’s day-to-day experience:

In the field
Our Smart Weapons offer a less-lethal intermediate use of force response and our body-worn and in-car cameras collect video evidence to capture the truth of an incident, and our mobile applications enable simple evidence collection.

At the station
Our secure, cloud-based digital evidence management solution allows officers and command staff to manage, review, share, and process digital evidence using forensic, redaction, transcription, and other tools.

In the courtroom
Our solutions for prosecutors make collaborating across jurisdictions and agencies easy so that cases can be resolved quickly.

We work hard for those who put themselves in harm’s way for all of us. To date, there are more than 226,900 software seats booked on the Axon Network around the world and more than 200,000 lives and countless dollars have been saved with the Axon Network of devices, apps and people. Learn more at or by calling (800) 978-2737.