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National Law Enforcement Museum Schedules Opening of “Cop Critique Theater” in the Real to Reel Gallery for 2011

Starting in 2011 at the National Law Enforcement Museum, you can visit our “Cop Critique Theater” in the Real to Reel Gallery where cops will dissect and discuss your favorite and not-so-favorite cop movies.

Visitors can view and vote on their favorite law enforcement shows and movies at the “Reel Cop” kiosk. This kiosk will also include rankings of your favorite cop characters, car chases, and famous reel cop quotes.

We need your input! So go ahead ... “make our day!”

Please take two minutes to tell us your favorite Cop shows, movies, scenes and more by clicking here. Your participation may help your favorite law enforcement movie or television show end up in one of these two interactive areas of the Museum.

We’re working hard to make the Museum a fun place to learn all the facts and more. Your opinions certainly matter and we want to hear them.

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