The National Museum of Crime & Punishment in Washington, D.C. Slated to Open During National Police Week

The new National Museum of Crime & Punishment (NMCP) will provide the casual observer as well as the most ardent law enforcers with insight into the history of crime, crime solving and fighting, and the consequences of committing a crime in America. The 28,000 square foot museum, which is located at 575 7th Street NW between E and F Streets in downtown Washington, D.C., will open in time for National Police Week beginning on Sunday, May 11, 2008.

Founded by Orlando entrepreneur John Morgan in partnership with John Walsh, host of America’s Most Wanted, the NMCP is comprised of historical artifacts combined with dynamic interaction. The museum includes pirates, Wild West outlaws, serial killers, gangsters and white collar criminals hiding behind computer technology.

A vast majority of the museum’s galleries are dedicated to crime fighters who have devoted their lives to keeping the American public safe and bringing criminals to justice. Visitors to the museum will experience first-hand the skills necessary to fight crime through such interactive components as a simulated FBI shooting range and high-speed police chase simulators. Artifacts include J. Edgar Hoover’s badge and boxing gloves given to him by James Braddock (“Cinderella Man),” John Dillinger’s car and the “Death Car” of Bonnie and Clyde, and the collections of Poncho Villa and Jesse James.

Admission to the NMCP is $17.95 for adults, with a special rate of $14.95 for law enforcement officers. Admission is $14.95 for children and seniors age 60 and older, and free for children under the age of five. The museum is open weekdays 10am until 6pm September through February, and 9am to 7pm March through August.

For more information, please call (202) 393-1099 or visit

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