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Suspect taunts police with e-mail from Mexico

Police have warrant for Jorge Landeros, wanted in the murder of an American University professor

By Beth Parker

WASHINGTON — Sue Marcum was a beloved American University professor who was murdered in her Bethesda home back in October. Police believe they know who did it, but the problem is he is thousands of miles away, and now, according to one report, he is taunting investigators.

Police have a warrant charging Jorge Landeros with first-degree murder in the death of his friend Sue Marcum.

At first, it appeared the case was a robbery. Just weeks ago, police announced an arrest warrant for Marcum’s friend, Landeros. He used to live in the D.C. area, but is now back home in Juarez, Mexico.

He is in contact with a detective from the El Paso, Texas Police Department. Of course, El Paso is just across the river from Juarez. According to The Washington Post, Landeros sent the following email to police urging them to come to him instead of Landeros coming to the United States to answer questions.

The email said: “Of course you are cordially invited to cross the same bridge, in the opposite direction, and meet me at Sanborn’s, a great cafe and restaurant here in Juarez, and we can talk shop all you want. It’s best if you come on a Sunday. We can have brunch. It will of course be my treat. Yours, Jorge.”

Montgomery County Police spokesman Paul Starks told FOX 5 Tuesday, “Detectives have had a warrant for some time for murder. They’ve worked hard to gain that probable cause. It’s been presented to Interpol. Interpol has honored that and again, they’re leading the way in trying to extradite this suspect back so he can have his day in court.”

Police in El Paso and Montgomery County both declined to comment on the details of the case — including that email.

Some of Marcum’s friends say they find the email quite aggravating and offensive and they would really like to see some resolution in the case.