APCO Institute Presents Training for Telecommunicators Involved in Active Shooter Incidents

Daytona Beach, FL—APCO Institute today announced the release of its new course, Active Shooter Incidents for Public Safety Communications.

"As we have seen recently in the media, incidents involving weapons have become a prominent threat to public safety," APCO Institute Director Julie Troutman said. "The response to these incidents, from the receipt of a 9-1-1 call, is critical to the outcome."

This eight-hour course will focus on the issues that make responding to an active shooter incident more difficult than other calls. Also, in conjunction with the Active Shooter Course, APCO Institute now offers an Active Shooter Guidecard as an addition the Law Enforcement Guidecards, which assist telecommunicators in responding to these reports.

"It is the mission of the APCO Institute to adequately prepare those in public safety communications for any event that threatens the safety of our citizens and those who respond," Troutman said. "This course provides our public safety telecommunicators with one more tool to successfully perform their mission."

The course will be introduced on January 24, 2008 at APCO International Headquarters in Daytona Beach, FL. For more information on the course Active Shooter Incidents for Public Safety Communications visit

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