City Of Kingston, Ontario Upgrades Communication Systems With Tait's P25 Products

HOUSTON, TX - The City of Kingston, Ontario, Canada recently chose Tait Radio Communications P25 products to help upgrade and integrate its outdated public safety communications systems that include both police and fire departments. The contract between the City of Kingston and Time MCI, a Tait Solution Provider, becomes one of Tait's initial deployments of their proven P25 technology in North America. Tait's P25 digital products were implemented for Kingston Police and Kingston Fire Services with all solutions being fully P25 compliant and digital, analog and mixed mode capable.

The City of Kingston, located halfway between Montreal and Toronto, is rich with history and prides itself on being one of the oldest cities in Canada. It was newly amalgamated in 1998 and is now comprised of the former City of Kingston, former Kingston Township and former Pittsburgh Township. After looking at several options, Time MCI recommended Tait's P25 infrastructure as the best fit for Kingston's newly combined population of 120,000 which called for an updated, reliable radio communication network among its public safety departments that would encompass all urban and rural parts of the newly formed city.

"What sold Kingston on Tait's products was its outstanding coverage and flexibility to customize their products and work with the complexities of the system as well as different component providers," said Don MacKenzie, systems engineer for Time MCI.

Kingston Police saw the need to switch to a P25 digital solution that could streamline their operations and provide a high level of encryption for its staff of 200. Their new network includes Tait's TB9100 Base Stations, TP9100 Portables, TM9100 Mobiles and Orbacomm, now IPC, 9-1-1 dispatch center consoles. Tait's flexibility to work with IPC allowed complete compatibility, so much in fact that Tait and IPC are currently working together to develop a P25 interface for Orbacomm consoles.

Since its launch with Kingston Police on March 20, the new system has been met with rave reviews according to Dan Murphy, Deputy Chief of Kingston Police. "The switch to the new system went seamless and the exceptional clarity and coverage goes far beyond exceeding our expectations," says Murphy.

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