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Go wired or wireless: it’s your choice with the multi-functional radio adapter for motorola APX

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VALENCIA, CA – In ideal conditions, most two-way radio users can agree that Bluetooth offers many benefits. However, many Bluetooth users experience problems in the field due to RF (Radio Frequency) Interference. Many times, even our bodies present a barrier to reliable Bluetooth communications because Bluetooth signals cannot pass through solid mass. When the situation is critical and Bluetooth fails, what can ensure reliable communications?

Earphone Connection has come up with a versatile solution that delivers dual connection (wired or wireless) with a simple switch. Motorola APX Multi-Functional Adapter (Part# EP-BTD34EC-S) allows you to pair Bluetooth or wired units.

With true dual connection (wired or wireless), the user is always prepared. Click here for a brief video outlining all of the benefits and features.

The Motorola APX Multi-Functional Adapter includes an innovative “On/Off” kill switch. “On” activates your Bluetooth devices and the “Off” will automatically revert to radio talk and listen. This safety net ensures that an officer is never without essential communication.

Another key feature that ensures reliable communications is the “Bump-Free” PTT/Pairing Button. With many manufacturer’s adapters, there is an issue with inadvertently keying the radio up unintentionally. With EPC’s new design, the button is flushed so that your PTT button is only activated when you intend to do so. This ensures both efficiency and safety.

The Motorola APX Multi-Functional Radio Adapter (EPBTD34EC-S) is compatible with all APX Series models as well as Motorola XPR6300, XPR6350, XPR6500, XPR6550, XPR7550, & XPR7550e radio models. The new adapter is available for purchase now, click here to learn more. The adapter can be purchased a la carte or in combination with one of EPC’s Bluetooth Microphone kits. Or, visit your local uniform store and ask if they carry EPC two-way radio accessories.

Earphone Connection has been trusted by police for 21 years. Earphone Connection’s approach is simple. They listen closely to officers in the field, then design and build tactical communication accessories specifically for their needs. Every officer knows, a radio is only as good as what it’s connected to. EPC introduced the first wireless microphone with push-to-talk, the first quick release cables and many other ground-breaking products to redefine the status quo. Visit