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OCENS Launches its EMC² Line for Disaster Recovery and Businesses Continuity Communications

OCENS launches its EMC² line for disaster recovery and businesses continuity communications.

Seattle, WA — OCENS Inc. of Seattle, WA recently launched its new EMC² (Emergency Mobile ComCenter) line consisting of kits that provide communications for disaster recovery and business continuity. Kits range from a single satellite phone to a satellite internet hotspot with up to 11 independent phone lines. Every kit comes in a watertight and crush resistant Pelican case and includes a backup battery, solar charging panel, and backup lighting. Kits weigh anywhere from 5 to 28 lbs., and each is small enough to be used as a carry-on. The Standard and Team kits feature a Pelican case with wheels and a pull handle and that is dimensionally small enough to fit in an overhead bin.

The EMC² uses satellite technology so that you can make calls or get online when landlines and/or cellular networks are down. The ComCenters are designed for on-demand use and come bundled with airtime that is valid for two years. Additional airtime can be added on at any time.

All but the Voice Only kit include a satellite hotspot, called BGAN, that provides an internet connection with 3G/4G speeds, has built in WiFi, and a built in phone line that can be used simultaneous to the data connection. The “Team” kit editions include 9 smartphones that are preconfigured for voice calls over the BGAN connection and can also be used to access the internet and email.

The BGAN terminal is powered by a lithium-ion battery and every kit includes a GoalZero backup battery and solar charger. The backup battery will fully charge the BGAN terminal and can also charge phones, laptops, and other devices and can be fully recharged via the solar panel in approximately 4-6 hours.

The kits also include a GoalZero Solo solar charging LED flashlight and all but the Voice Only kit include a GoalZero Estrella 3 watt LED light.

The EMC² kits provide an easy and cost-effective solution for Emergency Managers and Business Continuity Planners because everything you would need to operate an emergency communications center is included. Satellite technology makes it very reliable and a completely ubiquitous communications platform. The solar charging component makes it that much more independent since it can remain operational even during power outages. OCENS adds further value to its kits by bundling in VoIP services and airtime that is valid for two years with no monthly or additional costs. This makes it easy for a business to budget for a complete backup system and amortize its operational costs over 24 months. For the grant writer, it provides a single fixed cost which removes the complexity of factoring in a budget for ongoing monthly subscription costs.

OCENS is a satellite service provider that is continuously innovating and adding value for satellite voice and data services and is proud to support its new line of Emergency Mobile ComCenters. See the complete EMC² line and full products details here:

OCENS is a provider of a broad range of fixed and mobile satellite communications solutions for industries such as business continuity / disaster recovery, first responders, military and private security, wildland firefighting, mining and exploration, oil and gas, forestry, and broadcasting, as well as leisure activities such as overland travel, hunting, adventure sports, and maritime. Products and services include mobile satellite phones and hotspots, asset and personnel tracking, SCADA, backup communications, VoIP, network controls and metering, web and email compression, and weather services. OCENS tailors complete solutions to meet the customer’s specific needs and offers consistent support to the end-user throughout the use of its products and services.