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OTTO launches new thin blue line, American flag speaker microphones

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Speaker Mic-Group Police.jpg

Thin blue line speaker mic. (Courtesy photo)

Rugged speaker mics meet sleek design to show commitment to the police industry.

CARPENTERSVILLE, Ill. — In times of political unrest, OTTO is declaring our unending support for law enforcement officers. OTTO is launching our most popular speaker microphones with a new design to show our support to the men and women protecting American citizens. The newest Thin Blue Line and American Flag speaker mics from OTTO, come both in a wired and wireless shoulder mic option.

The Illinois based company has gained a reputation for

Speaker Mic-STD Group_Bluetooth.jpg

American flag speaker mic. (Courtesy photo)

rugged, reliable, and professional grade equipment and these speaker microphones live up to that. The Revo NC2 is a corded speaker mic and is an on-the-job must have. Revolutionary noise-canceling technology delivers optimum voice clarity even in high-noise situations. The Revo NC2 features large and rugged PTT buttons to ensure there’s no fear of self-actuating when lives are on the line, as well as an intuitive, side-mount high/low slider switch that adjusts volume easily.

The Bluetooth Revo NC2 takes voice clarity to the next level with HD audio. It is capable of producing sharper, less robotic and easier to understand transmissions than standard audio giving law enforcement officers enhanced understanding and faster response times to urgent commands. It has an integrated rechargeable and replaceable lithium-ion battery that provides up to 12 hours of use and is strong enough to outlast any shift.

The American made products have received praise from officers on the job, declaring: “The Revo NC2 from what I can tell, is one of the best shoulder mics on the market. The microphone is noise-canceling, and the audio clarity on the speaker is significantly clearer and cleaner than the standard shoulder mic that I was issued by my department,” says Deputy J. Nguyen.

As a proud American based company, OTTO’s General Manager Dan Stanek has been acutely watching the news and became increasingly aware of the unrest in the nation. It was during this time the idea to launch a speaker microphone that specifically shows Police pride came to fruition. While a firm believer OTTO’s speaker mics already supported the industry, Stanek’s goal was to provide a way for our brave officers to carry it on their chest.

These police pride speaker mics are compatible with almost all major radio manufacturers and OTTO has officially launched them for pre-order. Don’t miss this chance to show your pride on your chest every shift.

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About OTTO
OTTO Engineering designs and manufactures innovative two-way radio accessories developed for high-precision applications. OTTO specializes in tactical communication headsets, push-to-talk (PTT) systems and multi-port hubs, speaker microphones, cable assemblies for interfacing accessories to radios, tactical surveillance kits, and wireless intercoms for virtually all radio platforms. OTTO’s products are recognized for excellence by military, law enforcement agencies, public safety agencies and retail and commercial customers worldwide.

Located in Carpentersville, IL, U.S.A., OTTO’s products are proudly made in America.