The Future Of Communication: 3 Emerging Trends In Communication Technologies

Dave George, a Wireless World “Top 100 Wireless Technology Expert” for 2014, forecasts how emerging trends will shape public safety communications & products

​The ever-changing landscape of communications technology has been a topic of great interest to all industries, markets, and enterprises—especially public safety. With the industry currently facing increased pressure to modernize existing communications infrastructure, manufacturers of radio devices and accessories need to make sure their equipment will satisfy the demands created by these emerging trends.

Trend #1: LTE Expansion Will Increase Bluetooth Demand
“Public safety applications of LTE networks and devices is a hot-topic of discussion that will continue to intensify over the next three years,” says Dave George, President of Pryme Radio Products, “The demand for Bluetooth-ready radios and accessories that support collaboration with LTE devices will simultaneously rise with this trend.”

In recent years, Pryme has been vigorous in developing Bluetooth radio accessories—and 2014 was no different. Three new Bluetooth products were added to the already robust PrymeBlu® line. Pryme’s second-generation Bluetooth push-to-talk button, the BT-PTT2, is smaller, lighter, and has a longer battery life—all at a reduced cost to previous models. Also new for 2014 is the BTH-SPM100 wireless Bluetooth speaker microphone, which brings simplicity to the forefront and is excellent for use in industries outside of the first-responder. Users can integrate the BTH-SPM100 with various Android (tablet and cell phone) apps, including Skype.

Trend #2: “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)” Will Encourage Customer-Centric Products & Compatibility
“Expect to see smart phones with immense capabilities to specific public safety verticals in the coming years,” Dave George continued, “For instance, a fire-rescue smart phone might have a strobe light feature that aids in locating firemen through dense smoke. Police smart phones may have super-strength cameras that can take pictures of a license plate from far distances. The possibilities are truly endless.”

As the capabilities of smart phones and personal devices continues to grow, so to will the need for standardized, compatible communication accessories that fit a wide range of devices. Further, manufacturers will face increased pressure to meet the demands of their customers, as the industry shifts to being “all about the end-user.”

“Keeping all Pryme products up-to-date with industry-standards allows our end-users to gain a whole bunch of benefits from multiple applications,” Dave George remarked while showcasing Pryme’s new CEL-QD1 adapter, a radio accessory that supports the use of commercial grade earpieces with multiple two-way radios. With the CEL-QD1, standard Apple-product earpieces and noise-cancelling headsets can transmit radio communications, which is especially useful for undercover operations. The CEL-QD1 is also compatible with the PrymeBlu® Push-to-Talk device.

Trend #3: After-Market Products Will Promote Customization & Stimulate Price-Reductions
“Public safety agencies will continue to search for different ways to maximize their small budgets and cut costs,” Dave George described, “This trend will be a key driver of ‘after-market’ product sales.”

After-market radio accessories are far less expensive yet still retain the same quality level of their introductory counterparts. Additionally, many after-market products include modification requests from customers. Pryme’s business has revolved around customer feedback for years, and many of their new products for 2014 were created solely based on input from their users. This includes the new aviation-style version of Pryme’s racing dual-muff headset, the HBB-EM series, which was made after airport customers requested a noise-canceling version. Other “after-market” products for 2014 include Pryme’s Synergy SPM-600, a high-quality speaker microphone that boasts the same features of its brand-name counterpart, but at a fraction of the cost.

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