Unit Solutions Introduces Career Survival Training for Law Enforcement Professionals Focused on De-Escalation, Response to Resistance, Use of Force, Decision Making Skills and Liability

UNIT Solutions has introduced a one-day comprehensive “Career Survival” training course to equip law enforcement professionals with the tools needed to survive in today’s tumultuous policing environment.
The course directly addresses the new policing paradigm and instructs officers on strategies to re-engineer the use of force, while revisiting long-standing practices to develop a modernized approach for situations involving the use of force and decision making.

The course will be launched around the country, beginning with the first four classes at the following locations:
- Tallahassee, FL – January 11, 2016
- Tulsa, OK – January 25, 2016
- Columbus, OH – February 1, 2016
- Laredo, TX – February 22, 2016

Attendees can register for the courses by visiting and clicking the Career Survival Training link.
“Today’s officers face increased publicity and scrutiny from their actions on a daily basis and the existing training solutions for decision making and use of force are inadequate,” said Ted Sexton, Executive Vice President of UNIT Solutions and lead instructor of the course. “The time has come for us to acknowledge the paradigm shift within the law enforcement community, and to develop more effective methods of training for our law enforcement professionals. By strategically re-engineering the use of force, we can rebuild trust within our communities and reduce future incidents of violence.”
The eight-hour “Career Survival” course has been developed by Sexton, a 37-year law enforcement veteran and former President of National Sherriff’s Association, and includes the following topics:
- Constitutional Law and The Sanctity of Life
- Liability
- A New Paradigm:
    - Response to Resistance vs. Use of Force
    - De-escalation and De-confliction
    - Communication Skills
    - Dealing with Mentally Ill
- Full Immersion Decision Making Training
- Public Communication and Transparency

Upon completion of the course, officers should possess a thorough understanding of the unique factors impacting today’s policing environment, and strategies they can adopt to best prepare for an incident where their decision making and use of force are tested.
“In the volatile world of law enforcement, our officers aren’t going to get it right 100 percent of the time and it is unrealistic to expect them to do so,” said Sexton. “We are attempting to redefine training as it pertains to decision making and use of force, so that we are making better decisions, more often, and reducing these incidents of violence.”
During each course, Sexton will be assisted by an attorney from a team led by Robert Spence, an active member of the National Sheriffs’ Association Legal Advisors Committee and International Association of Chiefs of Police Legal Officers Section. Spence and his team will bring their expertise and perspective to provide legal context to many of the topics covered throughout the curriculum.
The fee for the one-day course is $300. For more information and to register for the course, please visit:

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