First Look: Urban Carry’s REVO offers 7 modes of carry for the same holster

With the REVO, you can take the same holster and attach it to a different rig to fulfill mission-specific needs

One of the things I’ve heard consistently throughout my years as a peace officer is, “We do it this way because we’ve always done it this way.” Sometimes there are good reasons why an act or procedure is ingrained, other times no historian kept track and the process is up for debate. The folks at Urban Carry are poking this same proverbial bear with a great big stick.

Urban Carry is known for its G2, a deep-carry holster that conceals your pistol down in your pants. This makes it great for warmer climes like Florida where a jacket or vest isn’t a viable option for concealment. I’ve tried the G2, and so far I like it. Word is, there will be a LEO-specific model coming out soon.

A new concept in holsters

I often think of the old captain who had collected guns for years, and had a drawerful of holsters. He told me never throw a holster away because you never knew when a new gun will fit it.

For those of us in law enforcement, our mission range often dictates different forms of carry, which necessitates a drawerful of solutions. Urban Carry has set out to change this by creating a modular holster system that should serve just about any common method of carry.

The REVO (for revolution) modular holster system consists of a specific holster or “shell” for whatever gun you choose to carry, and a series of “rigs.” The two parts marry up with an ingenious, recessed hook-and-loop circle, as well as two retention wings that snap together over the circle. The disk itself allows for 360 degrees of cant, which on some rigs can make a big difference (i.e., shoulder rig vs. jackass).

In the days of old a different method of carry meant a different holster. For example, if you concealed a snub-nose .38 on an ankle holster on duty then had to run to the grocery store later, you might don a different holster and stick the .38 on your belt. With the REVO, you can take the same holster and attach it to a different rig to fulfill that mission-specific need.

Currently the REVO line includes several carry options:

  • Three in the waistband (IWB) rigs (minimal, with sweat guard and appendix);
  • An outside the waistband (OWB)
  • An ankle rig
  • A shoulder rig;
  • A drop-leg.

Testing the REVO holster system

Urban Carry flew several firearms professionals to Florida to test its product and provide feedback. During the rollout we were introduced to the concept and I liked the ingenuity of a new approach to an age-old problem. Without invention, we stagnate. I was reminded of a briefing I had many years ago when working patrol. Prison inmates were training not necessarily to attack an officer’s gun and pull it from the holster, but to attack the holster itself. David Foster, the inventor and proprietor of Urban Carry, later held an OWB setup and I ripped it off the rig. One might think this a sour return to my host’s hospitality, but in fact, it was the kind of feedback they were looking for.

I am not terribly concerned with retention on a concealed holster. After all, that’s part of the tactical advantage to concealment. I’ve noticed young toughs carrying openly in big box stores lately because they can. This is an invitation to disaster. I would always rather have the choice to introduce a firearm into any situation or not, as I saw fit. However, there are applications where people carry such as motorcycle riders or boaters where retention is crucial. This is not to say the REVO holster is flimsy. The leather is high quality, supple yet rigid, and it took some force to prize the shell from the rig. In addition, the interior of the rigs are lined with a foam padding covered in a breathable mesh.

During my test period the holster held in place with the rigs I used. One issue was the top snap came loose during wear on the OWB. However, the hook and loop alone is enough to keep the holster in place, and the wings are added support. With a tug though, I could have pulled off the shell. Bear in mind I tested an original model. Urban Carry upgraded the snaps on the retention wings and tested it, which you can see in the video below. With this, the final product should be much better.

Final thoughts

Whenever you have a system that incorporates the specific attributes of several specialized carry methods, there are trade-offs. The initial outing of the REVO shows promise with its modular approach and there is no scrimping on the quality of materials. However, the implementation of said modularity leaves the overall pieces a little on the thick side.

I compared the REVO IWB with a Crossbreed SuperTuck for a Glock 43. The thickness of the REVO came in at 1.79 inches while the SuperTuck was 1.17 inches. The SuperTuck uses a Kydex holster mounted to unpadded leather. The REVO, while marginally thicker, is arguably more comfortable and can mount to different platforms. The Crossbreed came in at 7.1 ounces while the REVO was 11.3 ounces.

I’m pleased to see Urban Carry soliciting feedback from its customer base and implementing that feedback into the products. The Urban Carry REVO system releases on October 19.* Holsters (shells) can be purchased for around $35 and you can choose from roughly 100 different guns. The various rigs range from $30-$120 and can be purchased piecemeal.

*The first few offerings of the REVO will possibly include a new VR headset for cellphone use. This system will utilize a downloaded application that focuses on firearms training. Urban Carry employees thought the training would be helpful for folks who come up to them at shows, pull out their concealed guns and ask if they have a holster that will fit. The platform has a lot of great firearms training possibilities.

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