HallMark Cutlery™ Presents New Robert Klaas™ / Kissing Crane™ Black Delrin Models

Kodak, TN — HallMark Cutlery is proud to offer quality cutlery in the old world tradition of the revered Robert Klaas / Kissing Crane brand. This extensive selection of favored, time-honored patterns represents superior attention to detail. Each knife is hand assembled with the utmost attention to fit and finish and offers the satisfying “walk and talk” as a hallmark of the cutler’s art.  These handsome knives feature polished nickel silver bolsters, shields and pins.  High quality 440 stainless steel blades and solid brass liners complete this distinctive cutlery line.  Experience the feel of these fine knives in your hand and know that they recall a level of craftsmanship from years gone by.

New additions to the popular Delrin patterns include nine initial patterns in Black.  Each knife features the distinctive Two Cranes shield, polished nickel silver bolsters, pins and shield, 440 stainless steel blades and solid brass liners. New patterns include:

Modified Trapper  (KC2211) – Always a favorite amongst collectors, the knife measures 4-1/8” closed, with a 3-1/4” clip blade and a 3-5/16” Spey blade.  MSPR: $29.99

•   Modified Mini Trapper (KC2218) - A smaller version of the classic trapper, measures 3-1/2” closed length, with a 3” clip point and 2-7/8” Spey blade. MSRP: $28.99

•   Copperhead (KC2214) – Classic two-blade measures 3-3/4” closed length.  The master blade is a 2-7/8” drop point with a 2-7/8” clip point blade.  MSPR: $29.49

•   Large Stockman (KC2325) –A hefty model, the large stockman measures 3-7/16” closed with a 2-5/8” clip point blade, and a 2-1/8” sheepsfoot and 2” Spey blade. MSRP: $ 31.99

•   Medium Stockman  - (KC2328) – A classic stockman on an “S” curve frame - measures 3-1/2” closed length with a 2-3/4” clip blade, 2” sheepsfoot and 2” Spey blade.  MSRP: $29.49

•   Medium Stockman  - Square Bolsters (KC9329) - Handy pattern that measures 3-3/8” closed length with a 2-5/8” clip blade, 1-3/4” sheepsfoot and 1-3/4” Spey blade.  MSRP: $29.49

•   Small Gentleman’s Stockman (KC2322)  - a nice fit for any pocket – measuring 2-1/2” closed length, with a 1-7/8” clip point blade and a 1-3/8” sheepsfoot and 1-3/8” Spey blade.  MSRP: $21.99

•   Congress (KC2426) a useful knife at 3-1/2” closed length.  Adjacent 2” pen and coping blades are small—perfect for more delicate cutting and shaping tasks MSRP: $32.99

•   Medium Sodbuster (KC2134) - a useful and hard working knife – measuring 3-1/2” closed length with a 2-3/4” drop point blade.  MSPR: $19.49

 The Kissing Crane line offers a wide variety of the most asked for traditional patterns—presented in collections distinguished by handsome and unique handle materials.  Handle scales especially selected to enhance the traditional appeal of these fine knives highlight each collection.  Among the many choices, you will find pocketknives, folders, lockbacks, fixed blades and stilettos to satisfy any knife collector’s desire.  Patterns represented run from Canoe, Congress and Copperhead to Stockman, Trapper and Whittler.  Handle-scales range from utilitarian to hand selected, limited edition exotics and include delrin, red bone, autumn bone, genuine stag, Australian mother-of-pearl, and genuine ram’s horn. 

HallMark Cutlery may be a new name to the marketplace, but it represents the Hall family’s thirty years of domestic and international experience in cutlery design, manufacturing, sourcing, distribution, licensing and marketing.  Focused on quality products, value pricing and excellent customer service, HallMark is extremely proud and excited to present their latest editions, new product lines and services…

•   UZI® Tactical Knives - A legendary brand. New models incorporate innovative and contemporary design details.

•   Kissing Crane™- Old world quality and craftsmanship since 1834. Handsome, distinctive, traditional knives—hand finished with attention to every detail.

•   Chief  Brand Cutlery - Traditional pocketknives offering quality and value—specifically designed to meet price points, without sacrificing quality.

•   HallMark™ Brand Cutlery – Premium quality knives and accessory products. 

•   Super™ - Full line of premium, cutlery care products for key add-on sales.

•  Stocking Distributor of Lansky Sharpeners® – The world’s most recognized and respected name in sharpening products. The pioneer in effective, simple and safe sharpening solutions for cutlery and edged tools—Lansky offers a wide variety of diamond, alumina ceramic and tungsten carbide sharpeners, as well as many types of honing stones.     

Laser Marking - As a full service cutlery distributor, HallMark also offers state of the art laser marking capabilities.  We can mark on metal, wood, glass, leather and plastics.  We invite you to contact our creative team to work with you to design distinctive and functional items.


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