Leo Combat LLC Releases its Triple-O Self-Defense Knife

Centennial, CO (June 2015)--Amid rising worries about police officer safety and a number of high profile on-duty deaths, Leo Combat LLC this week released its Triple-O self-defense knife, designed especially for LEOs in desperate situations. “Triple-O stands for ‘Out Of Options,’ “ said Robert Lyman, the company’s founder, “and this design is optimized for saving a cop’s life when all other choices have been taken away.”

Experts in the use of force have long known that adrenaline, released when a person feels threatened, deprives him or her of fine motor skills, which can make opening a “tactical” folding knife or even activating an automatic knife difficult. For that reason, the Triple-O knife has a thick 3 ¼” fixed blade, smooth finger grooves, and a large but wedge-shaped guard to keep the user’s finger away from the cutting edge.

The cutting edge is also unusual, in that it is oriented opposite the finger grooves, and therefore points upward when The Triple-O knife is held in the hand.  This design makes it as easy as possible to address he “soft” parts of an attacker, and permits large, powerful muscles such as the biceps and legs to be used.”  Since those large muscles are also energized by adrenaline, the result is a knife that takes advantage of the body’s reaction to attack for maximum effectiveness.

At the moment the Triple-O knife is available for preorder while the first production run is shipped from the factory.  The first 100 knives are serial-numbered, and #001 will be given away by sweepstakes.  Customers can expect to receive their knives in late June, or earlier if the first 100 knives sell out quickly.  It comes with a Kydex sheath, and belt clips will be available separately.  At $45, it is priced within reach of the average patrol officer.

The Triple-O knife may be ordered directly from leocombat.com.  Dealer or agency inquiries should be sent to dealers@leocombat.com

Photographs are available upon request.
For inquires, contact Robert Lyman at info@leocombat.com or 720-441-4867.

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