Leo Combat LLC Releases Second-Generation of Triple-O Self-Defense Knife

Centennial, CO—Leo Combat LLC has released the second-generation of its innovative Triple-O self-defense knife, with improvements based on suggestions from LEOs and private citizens who carry concealed. With its compact design and unusual reversed blade, it is rapidly becoming the tool of choice when an innocent person runs “Out Of Options” in dealing with a violent criminal. In addition to the changes to the knife, blunt trainers are also available for the first time.

Like the first-generation knife, the cutting edge is oriented upward, opposite the finger grooves, to address the “soft” parts of an attacker and allow a defender to use large muscles, such as the legs and biceps, to best advantage. It still features a thick, 3 ¼” fixed blade, smooth finger grooves, and a large but wedge-shaped guard to keep the user’s hand away from the cutting edge.

The new version, however, incorporates a subtle texturing of the handle for improved grip, similar to that found on polymer-framed handguns. The sheath has also been redesigned, to allow it to be mounted at a larger variety of angles on a belt clip. The grip remains compact, about equal in length to the blade, to permit easy concealment and avoid taking up valuable space on a crowded duty belt.

“I am delighted that so many people choose to trust the Triple-O knife, and even happier to incorporate their ideas into making it better,” said Robert Lyman, the owner of Leo Combat LLC and the creator of the soon-to-be-patented knife. Mr. Lyman drew inspiration for the Triple-O knife from his days as a reserve deputy, when he first appreciated the need for an easy-to-use knife of last resort.

The Triple-O knife is priced within reach of the average patrol officer at $45, or $50 with belt clip, may be ordered directly from leocombat.com, and is also available from select online retailers and brick-and-mortar police supply stores. Dealer or agency inquiries should be sent to dealers@leocombat.com.

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