Triple Eight Professional Announces Triple Eight Everyday Carry Tools

San Diego, California, January 14, 2009- Whoever said big ideas come in small packages must have been thinking about Triple Eight’s newest line of tiny – but powerful — Everyday Carry Tools. Being palm-sized doesn’t slow them down; it just makes them handy to keep with you. The first rule of knife use is to have a knife — Triple Eight’s convenient new Everyday Carry Tools makes sure you never have to break that rule!

From their innovative chassis and heavy-duty axle-sized pivot points, to the compellingly addictive way they open and close, these new Everyday Carry Tools from Triple Eight are ruggedly engineered, yet elegant enough for a gentleman’s pocket or a lady’s purse. The Slim-Line clips assure a steady rest in a pocket or when clipped to a shirt collar or waist band, or does double-duty as a secure money clip. If you can imagine a place to stash it, one (or all three!) of Triple Eight’s new Everyday Carry Tools will be there when you need them.

The Folding CopTool, designed by retired police officer Roy Huntington, who has written about knives for over 20 years and is the editor of American Handgunner Magazine, shows his 24 years of real world police experience. The seat-belt/line cutter, prying/scraping blade and serious serrated cutting edge, puts “big tool” power in a tiny package. It’s not just for cops either — anyone who needs a pocketful of power will see the advantages immediately.

Based on the legendary Thumb Dagger issued to the OSS during WWII, famed knife designer Kirk Rexroat, designed the blade of the S.O.L. Knife out of heat treated 440 surgical stainless steel with an aggressive, compact double-edged shape which is just the ticket for last-ditch emergencies — or opening your mail! The blackened blade and partial serrations offer a tactical feel and look, balanced with everyday usefulness.

The blade of the Triple Eight Professional WrightKnife was also designed by Wright, Wyoming’s Master Knifesmith, Kirk Rexroat. The WrightKnife’s more conventional blade design is, well, the right knife for most of your cutting chores. Like all Triple Eight Professional Everyday Carry Tools, it’s also small enough to take with you everywhere — but big enough to deliver the goods.

All Triple Eight’s Everyday Carry Tools are engineered with heat treated 440C surgical stainless steel blades and anodized and hardened stainless steel handles. Patent pending T8P technology features a massive axle/pivot point and assures plenty of torsional strength for even the toughest jobs. Triple Eight Everyday Carry Tools are laser engraved and serialized so a law enforcement agency can keep track of them when they are issued to officers. Lastly all Triple Eight PocketTools feature a large area for custom etched with your company’s logo for identification or the space can be used to engrave a department badge or municipal shield.

Walter Kaihatu, CEO of Triple Eight Professional said “While there are a lot of good knives on the market and a lot of good tools on the market, our customers were telling us there was nothing available mission specific like a knife, yet multi-function like a tool. The products that did meet these criteria were heavy and too large to carry on an everyday basis. The law enforcement officers, military personnel, firefighters, hunters and outdoors enthusiasts we met with were telling us they wanted a knife built like a rugged tool but small, lightweight and easy to carry. We liked the idea so much; we created the Triple Eight Professional Everyday Carry Tool product line.”

Kaihatu goes on to say “Triple Eight Professional’s expertise is in design, engineering and sourcing but everything we do starts with listening to our customers. From our product meetings our engineering team created the chassis of the knife entirely on a computer using the latest CAD/CAM and rapid prototype technology. Now, technology is great but a knife has to have a “soul.” It needs to feel good in your hand and just plain look right. It needs to do its job every time you need it, whenever you need it or you won’t carry it every day. Lastly knife making is a very traditional art form and that’s why we’ve partnered with two very authentic and well respected “knife guys” like Roy Huntington and Kirk Rexroat to design three blades that work. With Roy’s years in law enforcement his CopTool blade design is versatile and very “real world.” Kirk’s eye for flowing lines and function are detailed in the S.O.L. Knife and WrightKnife. We’re thrilled to offer the market three new patent pending products that offer a world of features and are sensibly priced.”

Years of engineering and manufacturing expertise went into the development of the Triple Eight Everyday Carry Tools to insure they are both excellent in function and affordable to own. The S.O.L knife retails for $49.95, the CopTool retails for $49.95 and the WrightKnife retails for $49.95.

Dealers, please contact Triple Eight Professional to learn more about their aggressive “Official Triple Eight Professional Dealer” programs that include exciting point of purchase displays, great “gift with purchase programs”, advertising co-op, national advertising programs in major publications, drop ship opportunities and seasonal promotions.

About Triple Eight Professional:
Located in San Diego, California, Triple Eight Professional creates durable, innovative and authentic products developed with the intense input of law enforcement, Fire/EMS, military professionals and outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Built on a commitment to delivering quality, dependability and value in both hard and soft goods, the Triple Eight Professional product line has already created a tremendous buzz in the professional and outdoor markets. To learn more about Triple Eight Professional, please call 858-382-0055 or visit us at to shop for the world most advanced knives, tools and accessories.

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