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T4E®, a brand of Umarex, allows law enforcement and military agencies the ability to train more and spend less.

Fort Smith, AR T4E, a brand of Umarex, outfits law enforcement & military agencies with premium equipment to facilitate better hands-on training. T4E platforms are highly effective, less-than-lethal training tools with very similar external physical attributes as your duty weapon to provide the most realistic training experience with a lower overall cost. These platforms have been developed in partnership with several major firearms brands for use by military, law enforcement, and security agencies.

Training with T4E platforms provides higher quality training with a result of ample readiness for real-life scenarios. Simulation training allows law enforcement officers to be better prepared and confident in urgent situations where accuracy and quick decision-making are crucial. Safe and proficient use of firearms is a necessity to be maintained through regular training and testing. Reality-based training allows officers to continually hone in on their crisis response skills to identify areas that they may need to improve.

Train More and Spend Less with T4E Training Equipment

T4E training equipment provides a law enforcement unit with the ability to train more and spend less compared to other training and simulation tools and ammunition. Less cost equates to more budget allocation for training and proficiency for both large departments and small agencies.

The paintball guns offered by T4E are chambered in .43 caliber. This allows marker gun platforms the ability to be made within the physical constraints of duty rifles and pistols. This means the magazine, frame, and weight can be exact in size and weight when an officially licensed training marker is offered. T4E also offers a selection of training guns for the “opposition” including a shotgun and a revolver that utilizes .68 and .50 caliber rounds respectively.

T4E® is a brand of Umarex manufactured by Umarex and sold and marketed by Umarex and Umarex USA, Inc. The brands and models offered by T4E are either owned or officially licensed products. Law enforcement agencies interested in partnering with T4E are encouraged to contact the brand by emailing