Does exercise impair cognitive ability?

By Ann Konzal
Informa Systems, Inc.

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Informa Systems performed a simple experiment to determine if exercise impairs our cognitive ability. In this test, 10 individuals performed mental tests after periods of intense exercise to see if their mental abilities increased or decreased. 

The game was a simple match the pair memory game that required the player to solve the timed memory game. The game was part of the screen of an elliptical machine. The game was played at the start of the exercise and after 15 and 30 minutes of exercise. The tests were performed over a two month period and were recorded. The pulse rate of the participants was also recorded. The results showed some interesting findings: After 15 minutes the mental response was steady or even showed a slight increase. After 30 minutes, as the participants tired, the results showed a marked decrease in cognitive ability.

How does this affect Law Enforcement professionals? In many situations officers are subjected to extreme physical exercise, such as apprehending a suspect. 

Lesson Number One: Intense exercise should have NO effect on the officers’ judgment in the short term. 

Lesson Number Two:  If you keep this up, you will be brilliant and buff.

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