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New Holmatro lightweight breaching set

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In cooperation with the United States Military Holmatro designed a Lightweight Breaching Set that consists of the brand new Backpack Pump and Door Ram, as well as the Special Materials Cutter and a Combi Tool from Holmatro’s Special Tactics range.

About the new Backpack Pump

The key element of the Lightweight Breaching Set is the new GBP10EVO3 pump: a small, lightweight battery-driven pump with a CORE connector.

  • Powered by proven EVO3 Technology

The same battery that is used for all other EVO3 tools also powers the Backpack Pump.

  • Extremely lightweight

The pump and its battery are contained in a practical backpack for easy carrying by one person.

  • Emission-free and suitable for harsh environments

Safe to use in confined spaces and protected against dust and all weather conditions.

  • Large oil content

For use in combination with all Holmatro CORE tools from the Special Tactics portfolio.

About the new Door Ram

The powerful DR200ST Door Ram is a compact breaching tool that combines a high spreading force with a long stroke.

  • Opens doors with multiple locks

Designed for inward opening doors but combined with a manual breaching tool also suitable for outward opening doors. The long stroke of 300 mm allows you to open even the most flexible doors.

  • Easy to use

The Door Ram has a flat toe of less than 7 mm, for easy insertion between the door and its frame.

  • Enhanced safety for the operator

With the toe at a 90-degree angle the operator can work safely from a position next to the door.

  • Ultimate power and control

The Door Ram has a constant high spreading force over its full stroke to provide full power where you need it. The tool is double-acting, offering you optimal control over both the outgoing and the ingoing stroke.

  • Two models available

The new Door Ram is available both as a CORE Technology model and an EVO3 Battery Technology version.

The compact new Backpack Pump gives you optimum flexibility to work with Holmatro’s CORE tools. Of course, you can also make different set combinations to suit your specific needs. More information on