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ArmorerLink releases new firearm management system

HILLSBORO, Ore. — ArmorerLink releases patent pending Firearm Management System. “We are extremely excited to announce the release of a new ArmorerLink Firearm Management Software (ALFMS) System” said President and CEO, Joe Ganete.

The ALFMS System not only optimizes and automates how an agency tracks firearms, equipment and training, but it includes modules for shooting range management and integration to the ArmorerLink Tactical Lockers (ALTL) — a new offering scheduled for release Q4 2018.

ALTL are electronic lockers that seamlessly interface with ALFMS. The ALTL function as self-service kiosks for checking-in and checking-out firearms and equipment. The ALTL connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or land line capturing transactions in real-time. Lockers have a key bypass in the event of a power failure. ALTL will be manufactured in the U.S.A. and are fully serviceable by agencies, thus eliminating costly maintenance agreements and the need for specialized service technicians.

Upcoming events that ArmorerLink will be showcasing the ALFMS and related products include:

  • CA Police Chief Association’s Training Symposium in Long Beach, CA (March 2018)
  • Shooting Range Day in Tacoma, WA in association with PNWDC (July 2018)
  • FBI National Academy Association Annual in Hood River, OR (September 2018)

About ArmorerLink™
ArmorerLink is the leading Firearm Management Software for Law Enforcement that provides firearm tracking, training and maintenance compliance. Unlike other solutions, ArmorerLink is affordable, functional and easy to use.