Crime Rates Rise, Homeowners Take Action with SecureLogic® Wall Vault™

The SecureLogic® Wall Vault™ keeps jewelry, electronics, passports and documents safe and out of harm’s way, leaving intruders empty handed

MODESTO, CA (January 16, 2008) --- It's every homeowner's worst nightmare. Upon arriving home, the family discovers that they’ve been robbed. Drawers are ransacked and belongings are scattered everywhere. Prized possessions are missing or destroyed, possibly somewhere between home and the nearest pawn shop. The homeowner feels violated and the family’s sense of security will never be regained. With crime rates, violence, and theft on the rise, homeowners are considering their options to safeguard their belongings and family. The manufacturers of the Wall Vault have found the solution, and it just requires a touch of the finger!

Every year, there are over 2 million burglaries in the United States alone. It is estimated that intruders break into a house, apartment or condominium every 11 seconds and the prime target is often jewelry, cash, cameras, guns, and prescription drugs. Often these items are sentimental, one-of-a-kind, or irreplaceable.

Vice President of SecureLogic Travis Hawkins states, “As far too many people have already discovered, it doesn’t take much for a burglar to figure out how to get into your home. The statistics speak for themselves, but peace of mind and the protection of your most important possessions isn’t far off.”

Utilizing the latest in biometric technology; the new SecureLogic® Wall Vault™ from ETL is perfect for storing small personal items, safely and securely away from would-be robbers. The Wall Vault™ uses fingerprint recognition and provides secure storage - all while allowing quick and easy access.

Blake Carlson of Phoenix, Arizona said, “As a police officer it is important I have instant access to a firearm in my home and yet have the confidence others who should not have access to the same firearm are kept away from it. The SecureLogic Wall Vault gives me peace of mind.” Kyle Klingler of Seattle, Washington adds, “These storage devices are the best I have seen on the market. The quality is unmatched. Easy to install and easy to open, I am extremely happy with it. The interior light is a great feature and the fingerprint reader is great! I have been looking for just the right wall storage device for my house, and this works perfectly. Thank you for making such a unique product!”

Zach Lucero, a Housing Superintendent in Oakdale, California states, “Since installing hundreds of Wall Vaults in subdivisions around the United States, I have received nothing but thank yous! It fills a niche in homeowners’ lives by offering them the protection and security they have been looking for. I’m proud to offer the Wall Vault to my customers and will continue to hold it in the highest regard.”

The Wall Vault’s next-generation biometric locking mechanism and solid construction give you the peace of mind that your valuables are safe and secure. What’s more, the Wall Vault’s™ biometric lock means no more fussing with combinations or keys. Simply place your finger on the programmable fingerprint scanner and the vault opens in a matter of seconds.

For over twenty five years, ETL - a California-based technology company - has been dedicated to building innovative solutions for today’s marketplace by providing intelligent, high-quality and award winning products. ETL is “Defining the Art of Innovation” by producing products that utilize the newest features and highest quality technology has to offer. For more information, visit us at

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