CMC Government Supply Is Now a Rio Law Enforcement Ammunition Dealer

Law Enforcement Departments and Agencies can now get 12 gauge Rio less lethal ammunition including rubber ball cartridges, buckshot, and bean bag rounds from CMC Government Supply.  These reliable shotshell products are from Rio Ammunition

DALLAS, TX – CMC Government Supply is proud to announce they are now a dealer for Rio Law Enforcement Ammunition. “Rio has always been an innovator in Less Lethal ammo for use by law enforcement and military agencies. With the addition of Rio Law Enforcement to our extensive line of quality products, CMC is continuing to offer the best range of products for our law enforcement partners”, says Debby Parker, Vice President of CMC Government Supply. 

Agencies looking for a Less Lethal products will find Rio’s range of products will meet their needs for performance and price.  One such product is the Rio Single Rubber Ball Cartridge that was developed for riot control, suspect apprehension, and similar operations. Incorporating a projectile of 55A durometer rubber, it has an effective range of 7 to 20 yards at a muzzle velocity of 930 fps.  It is available in 12 gauge rounds. 

The Rio Double Rubber Ball Cartridge offers a bit more power to engage a hostile subject. Similar to the single ball round, this 12 gauge cartridge has a range of 7 to 15 yards.  It allows law enforcement officers to keep a safe distance when firing, while maintaining a precise and controlled force projection. Velocity is 930 fps at 3 feet from muzzle. 

An option for those who traditionally use buckshot rounds is Rio's Rubber Buck Shot Cartridge. This ammunition works well to defuse escalating situations like violent demonstrations and riots, as well as animal control. This round fires 15, 55A durometer pellets of equal diameter, enabling law enforcement to safely engage both single and multiple targets. The pellets scatter with a patterned dispersal at a high velocity of 1220 fps out of the muzzle. This 12 gauge round has an effective range of 7 to 15 yards. It is sold in full cases of 10 boxes per case, with 25 rounds per box.

CMC Government Supply also offers Rio bean bag rounds for single target subject apprehension. The Rio Bean Bag Sock Cartridge utilizes #7 shot inside a cotton web weaved 2 ply outer cover that is hand tied to eliminate having to use a machine stitch. This gives you a more stable trajectory over a greater distance, and the hand tied sock flattens on impact, distributing more impact force over a larger area of the subject’s body. The weight is 1.43 ounces, range is 7 to 20 yards with a velocity of 262 fps in a 12 gauge caliber.

CMC also provides the full range of Rio Law Enforcement ammunition including lethal rounds, launching cartridges, and training cartridges. For more information, visit

About CMC Government Supply:
CMC Government Supply provides United States federal, state & local governments and authorized government contractors specialized products, software, data and services. Most of our products are used for military, intelligence, homeland security, law enforcement, public safety and general government applications. Dallas, Texas based CMC Government Supply is classified as a small business supplier to all federal, state and local governments. For more information, visit

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