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SHOT Show 2018: Sig Sauer pistols, lasers and optics

Sig Sauer’s P365 manages to stick 10 rounds in a not-quite-double-but-not-quite-single stack magazine that preserves the 1” width of the pistol


The P365 offers an overall length that is substantially shorter than other pistols in this category. A Glock 26 replica is shown for comparison.

Photo/Mike Wood

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Fans of the Sig Sauer brand went into SHOT Show 2018 with great anticipation over the new concealed carry subcompact P365 pistol. Police1 contributor Lindsey Bertomen was able to get some rounds downrange through it and had positive things to say about the exciting new design. While I didn’t get to shoot the new gun, I did get my hands on it, and I was quite impressed with what I saw.

Sig Sauer P365

For those unfamiliar, the P365 is a subcompact pistol in the same general size and weight class occupied by guns such as the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield or the Glock 43.

What distinguishes the P365 from these other wildly popular designs is the magazine capacity. Whereas the competing products feed from single stack magazines that limit capacity to 6-7 rounds of 9x19mm ammunition in their flush-fit magazines, the P365 manages to stick 10 rounds in a not-quite-double-but-not-quite-single stack magazine that preserves the 1” width of the pistol.

An optional magazine with an extended baseplate bumps the magazine capacity to 12 rounds of 9x19mm, which is quite an impressive payload for a gun with these dimensions (5.8” OAL, 1” wide, 4.3” tall with flush magazine).

The P365 comes with an excellent set of steel SigLite night sights in the standard three-dot pattern to aim the projectiles launched by the 2.7” barrel.

This striker fired gun seemed to have a very good trigger when I dry-fired it, and I look forward to a future opportunity to shoot this exciting new entry in the subcompact marketplace and see how it stacks up to the competition.

Sig Sauer optics

The Sig Sauer line of electro-optics also attracted attention at SHOT Show 2018.


The Lima 320 grip module provides red or green laser capability with an instinctive switch on the front of the grip.

Photo/Sig Sauer

The previously reviewed “Lima 5” grip module from 2016 has matured into the Lima 320, and is now ready for production.

Users of the Sig Sauer P250 or P320 pistols will be able to replace their existing grip module with the Lima 320 and instantly have access to an integrated laser that is activated by a button in the leading edge of the grip. This switch design is not only ambidextrous, but also automatic, requiring no conscious thought or deliberate movement to activate the laser.

Unlike standalone units that mount to an accessory rail, the Lima 320 laser is activated as a normal part of achieving a firing grip on the pistol, which is a superior method for high-stress encounters.

Another exciting product from Sig Sauer electro-optics is the Juliet magnifier, intended for use with Sig’s Romeo line of red dot sights to extend the useful range of those sighting systems.


The Juliet line of optics is designed to provide magnification for red dot scopes such as the Sig Sauer Romeo series.

Photo/Sig Sauer

The red dot sights are optimized for close-range engagements and offer a limited ability to reach into medium-range distances with specially marked ballistic reticles, but the lack of magnification in these optics makes using them at the longer distances a challenge. The Juliet magnifiers rectify this, allowing the shooter to see enlarged images of distant targets with the red dot reticle superimposed on them. When the magnifier is not needed or desired, it can be quickly flipped out of the way, thanks to a mount that rotates the optic out of the line of sight. If the magnification is desired again, it’s easy to rotate the optic 90 degrees and put it back in the line of sight behind the red dot.

The Juliet magnifier will be offered in 6x24mm (Juliet 6), 3x24mm (Juliet 3) and 4x24mm (Juliet 4) versions. I look forward to getting behind these at the range at the earliest opportunity, and will report back on my experience with them.

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