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Concealed Carry

Whether you are traveling by plane, train or automobile, planning ahead is key to a hassle-free trip when traveling with a concealed carry firearm
How an officer responds should be based on both individual rights and officer safety
Smith and Wesson Lipsey’s Model 642 is just as friendly to novice shooters as it is experts and truly worthy of the title “Ultimate Carry”
Teachers who want to carry must be approved by the school principal, school district and a local law enforcement agency, and must undergo a background check and training
The appellate panel noted that merely carrying a concealed gun could imply a crime under Michigan law, which requires individuals to prove their possession is lawful with a license
More than 500 classes to take place at 5.11-owned retail locations
The Walther PD380 is a compact .380 ACP pistol
The lawsuit alleged that carrying guns for self-defense was still necessary in these areas and that restrictions should only apply to areas with special government functions
Panelists will review the training required for officers to manage custody transitions, as well as highlight strategies to improve safety during this process
The “sensitive locations” effort stems from the Bruen Supreme Court decision
A police officer encourages open carry citizens to reconsider open carry and understand the tactical advantages of concealed carry
On-duty officers at the state fair will still be allowed to carry and display their firearms
Make sure you know the rules before crossing state lines with your firearm
Data released included information on law enforcement officials, as well as others who had sought permits “like rape and domestic violence victims”
The suit claimed New Jersey violated federal standards set in the LEOSA statute, which allows officers concealed carry benefits
A bill that makes it easier to practice concealed carry has elicited a variety of reactions from local law enforcement
It looks like you’re carrying a knife and not a magazine
An officer recounts the off-duty, plainclothes survival tips he learned after coming across an armed robbery
Eligible Texans can now carry handguns without a license, either concealed or openly
A 22LR firearm is the best investment a person can make
The MR920 is based on the Glock 19 in operation, size and shape, while the new “duty role” DR920 is a full-size pistol similar to the Glock 17
Pre-trip planning can help avoid delays that might cause a concealed carrier to miss a flight; here are some conceal carry tips from a LEO’s experience in NYC
Whether you carry an on-duty backup gun or an off-duty concealed carry firearm, there are hundreds of great choices
President Trump signed an executive order Monday that makes it easier for federal law enforcement officers to qualify for LEOSA and also expands concealed carry rights to federal judges and prosecutors
Both active and retired officers must be trained in how to properly select and handle their undercover or off-duty firearms
The district voted to allow armed school employees after two students were shot and wounded by a 14-year-old in 2016
The woman denies having a gun and then pulls one from her waist band when a cop tries to put her in handcuffs