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Rapid Force Duty Holster: Live Reactions From Real Police Officers with Alien Gear Holsters

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We displayed the Rapid Force Duty Holster at SHOT Show, and we talked to a LOT of police officers. We got a few to give us their thoughts. You can see the Rapid Force online at: We put the holster in the hands of real police officers. This is who the Rapid Force was created for, to address the needs of real working law enforcement officers. And at SHOT Show 2020, we got a few to give it a look and give us their thoughts. The Rapid Force Duty Holster was designed around feedback from real police officers about their duty holsters. One of the most common things they told us was that they wanted a more intuitive, faster retention system without sacrificing Level III retention capabilities. The Rapid Force Duty Holster provides full Level III retention. The retention system, located on the interior side of the holster, allows for fast access and intuitive operation with a single motion of the thumb without breaking a full firing grip. But it’s one thing for us to say that. It’s quite another for real police officers to say it. And that’s who we wanted to hear from, which is exactly why we wanted to get real feedback from real police officers. We welcomed whomever from actual law enforcement that was willing to look at the holster do so, and were able to record some responses. What you’re seeing is their first impressions from using the holster with a blue gun. And they seemed pretty impressed. In fact, very few police officers that were able to check out the Rapid Force didn’t come away with a very positive impression. This holster is poised to make some serious noise as a new standard in law enforcement duty gear. You can see more about the Rapid Force Duty Holster online at: Alien Gear Holsters can also be found on these social media channels: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Google Plus: YouTube: