SHOT Show 2013: Shooting the Daniel Defense ISR

During the SHOT Show 2013 Media Day at the Range, I ran into some of my friends from Daniel Defense, and got to shoot their newest rifle, the DDM4 ISR. 

Chambered in 300 AAC Blackout, the ISR (which stands for Integrated Suppressed Rifle) has an integral 5.7-inch, stainless-steel suppressor which cannot be removed from the 10-inch (1:8 twist) barrel.

The rifle on the line at media day was the full-auto military and police model (apparently there will also be a semi-auto civilian model in production) — you can check out a quick video of a one-magazine test fire below. 

Rock Solid, Stone Silent
When I visited with them on the range, the exact decibel reduction had not yet been fully worked out, but we were shooting right next to a rifle equipped with a Surefire can, and to my ears there was no appreciable difference in noise level.

For now, let’s just say it’s “pretty quiet” and wait for those final numbers to be made available when the testing is done.

Like all Daniel Defense rifles, it’s built to extremely fine tolerances, and is consequently incredibly solid. There is absolutely zero shake or wiggle evident between the upper and lower components. 

I was told the rifle will be available in April and cost about $3,000 — a tad rich for my blood. So it makes sense that most of the folks I heard talking about this rifle are associated with private professional personal protection outfits. 

Video: Shooting the Daniel Defense ISR

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