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Walther Arms launches precision-machined steel frame PDP match

The steel frame’s balance between the slide and the frame finetunes the handling of the PDP Match Steel Frame

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Walther PDP Match Steel Frame.

Walther Arms


FORT SMITH, Ark. — Walther Arms, Inc. announces the launch of their steel frame PDP Match, in addition to their recently launched polymer frame. The precision-machined steel frame guarantees the PDP Match’s ability to endure the harshest conditions, while shattering performance boundaries and securing superior results.

Whether you’re engaging in rapid-fire sequences or demanding perfect shot placements, the steel frame’s meticulous balance between the slide and the frame finetunes the handling of the PDP Match Steel Frame, making it the embodiment of precision and control for the most demanding shooters.

“The PDP Match Steel Frame is a game-changer. With unwavering stability, shooters are able to have lightning-fast follow-up shots and laser-like accuracy,” said Jens Krogh, vice president of marketing and product development for Walther Arms, Inc. “Like its polymer counterpart, the versatile features combined with the steel frame, makes this an unparalleled performance-enhancing powerhouse.”

Featured capabilities of the PDP Match:

  • Dynamic Performance Trigger: Experience a trigger pull like never before, smooth and consistent, enhancing your accuracy and shot placement.
  • Performance Duty Texture: The grip is engineered to provide a secure, non-slip hold in any condition, allowing you to maintain control, even in the most demanding situations.
  • Optics Mounting: The optics-ready design ensures you can customize your sighting system, optimizing your aim and target acquisition.
  • Enhanced Magwell and Larger Magazine Capacity: The magwell and basepads streamline magazine changes, ensuring swift, reliable, and precise reloading. Two (2) 20-round capacity and one (1) 18-round capacity magazines included.
  • Wrap-Around Grips: The ergonomic wrap-around grips provide a comfortable and secure hold, enhancing your ability to stay on target, shot after shot.
  • Steel Frame: The weight of the frame significantly tames recoil and delivers a level of smoothness in every shot, competitively or not.

The Walther PDP Match Steel Frame elevates the shooting experience and takes precision to the next level.
About Walther

“It’s your DUTY to be READY” is a message of sincerity that Walther must build the best performing firearms. It is a message to every shooter who understands the importance of firearms safety and the inalienable right to bear arms. It is a message to clearly and concisely show that Walther is doing everything in its power to support shooters everywhere with not just the absolute best in firearm innovation and performance but also access to the best training and informative firearms community. History has shown Walther’s dedication to this message, beginning in 1886 and continuing today, with the innovative spirit that builds off the invention of the concealed carry gun by creating duty grade weapons such as the PDP and world-class rimfire products such as the P22 and WMP. Walther will continue its long tradition of technical expertise and innovation in the design and production of firearms to meet the demands of any customer. Excellent service and superior quality will continue to be benchmarks of Walther’s success.