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Special deal for LEOs on a dynamic pistol/optic duo

Law enforcement can get this elite handgun with a preinstalled Aimpoint ACRO at a discounted price

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The Walther PDP Professional packages a 9-millimeter pistol with the Aimpoint ACRO P-2 optic at a cop-friendly price.

Walther Arms

It is impossible to put a value on human life, including the life of a law enforcement officer doing everything they can to protect their community and keep the public safe.

But it is possible to put a price on a pistol/optic duo that significantly enhances an officer’s ability to use their firearm accurately – protecting the public, themselves and suspected perpetrators from unintended injuries and collateral damage. That price is $999, and it is a special law enforcement officer (LEO) price for Walther Arms’ PDP Professional 9-millimeter Luger with the preinstalled Aimpoint ACRO P-2 optic (aka red dot laser sight). This duo normally sells for $1,599, but this special offer is only for credential law enforcement and marketed as the Walther PDP Professional ACRO.

This being said, $999 does not reflect the high esteem the PDP Professional and Aimpoint ACRO P-2 optic enjoy within the law enforcement community, as demonstrated by these law enforcement reviews on

· In combination, firing at targets using the PDP/Aimpoint combo is like “using a cheat code with shooting,” says Tim Corradino, a member since 2016. “The gun design truly maximizes a shooter’s ability to be accurate. I highly recommend this package.”

· “There is nothing I do not like about this gun! It’s perfect for duty, competition, personal protection or at the range,” says Jeffrey Briggs, a member since 2021. “This gun is good for an expert, but it seems to me that it would also be perfect for a beginner. Why not learn on a gun that is set up really well and that one cannot outgrow?”


For the record, the Walther PDP Professional is a black 9-millimeter Luger-style pistol. It has an overall length of 8 inches and a height of 6.9 inches. The barrel length is 4.5 inches with a 1/10 twist, and its weight with an empty magazine is 27.45 ounces. The PDP Professional’s magazine capacity is 18 rounds, and three mags are included in the $999 LEO package.

The Aimpoint ACRO P-2 optic is a closed-emitter LED Red Dot Sight (RDS) with a 3.5-MOA dot size. MOA is short for “minutes of angle” and refers to the size of the dot and how much surface area it covers on a target at a certain distance. A 3.5-MOA dot shows up as being 3.5 inches in diameter on a target 100 yards away, getting smaller as the target draws closer and larger as it moves away.

Preinstalled on top of the PDP Professional direct-milled at the rear of the pistol slide, the ACRO P-2 offers four night vision-compatible settings and six daylight settings through its clear aperture (0.59 inches/15 millimeters square). It weighs just 2.1 ounces (sight only) but is rugged and submersible to 115 feet (35 meters). The ACRO P-2 is built to deliver 50,000 hours (over 5 years) of constant operation before requiring replacement.


Having a firearm such as the Walther PDP, manufactured with a proper mounting platform and ergonomics built specifically for a RDS system, can mean the difference between life and death for law enforcement officers and civilians alike. It can also speed up the transition for officers moving from traditional iron sights to RDS systems by providing them with an intuitive, easy-to-use and accurate sighting system that inspires confidence. When an officer must draw their firearm in the line of duty, the last thing they need to deal with is doubt.

The Walther PDP Professional ACRO also comes with other features that make it a weapon of choice for LE professionals, which is why it was recently adopted by the Pennsylvania State Police.

For instance, the PDP’s dynamic performance trigger system ensures consistently accurate and precise shots. “I had always heard about Walther having great triggers,” says ExpertVoice reviewer Joseph M. “This pistol made me a believer.”

Then there’s the PDP Professional’s direct-milled slide, which has been crafted to seamlessly accommodate the Aimpoint ACRO optic without issues. This approach provides the user with a pistol specifically designed to accommodate an RDS versus the other way around. The angle of the PDP’s grip is also designed with the RDS in mind, allowing a proper grip to help users quickly adapt to the RDS.

Next comes the PDP’s aluminum magazine well and base pads, which have been purpose-built to enable fast, safe mag changes and pistol operation.

Put it all together, and the Walther PDP Professional is one solid law enforcement pistol. This is why it won the title of 2021 Handgun of the Year twice – once from Guns & Ammo, and once from the Industry Choice Awards.


The moral of this tale is simple: The Walther PDP Professional ACRO is a top choice for LEOs. Moreover, at a special price of $999 for the pair — 38% less than what the general public would pay — it is also the right price for LEOs.

For more information, contact Walther Arms.

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James Careless is an award-winning freelance writer who covers the public safety sector. His articles have been published in fire, EMS and law enforcement publications across North America.