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Luke Cao, Walther shooting team, first place at the 2022 I.P.S.C. world shoot

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Walther Arms, Inc. Shooting Team member, Luke Cao takes first place in the Production Optics Light Division at the 2022 I.P.S.C. World Shoot in Pattaya, Thailand using his Walther PDP Compact 5” 9mm pistol.

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Luke Cao, a veteran of the Walther Shooting Team and a USPSA Grand Master has continued to make massive strides in the shooting sports arena since first beginning pistol training in 2015. This first-place win in the Production Optics Light Division is no small feat having competed against the best in the world at this year’s I.P.S.C. World Shoot.

Outside of competition shooting, Luke teaches both new and seasoned competition shooters. He takes pleasure from sharing his understanding and experience in pistol shooting to help others improve their skills. The biggest piece of advice he enjoys sharing is to: “Call your shots.” Luke says; “Shooting is not only a sport but also an art. It’s a way to compete and win, and it’s a way to unite the body and mind.”

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Walther Vice President of Marketing and Product Development, Jens Krogh had this to say about Luke’s impressive first place win, “First and foremost we want to congratulate Luke on this monumental accomplishment, he has worked extremely hard to get where he is and we could not be more proud of him.” and went on to say, “This marks the first I.P.S.C. World Championship for the PDP pistol so this is also a great accomplishment for the entire Global Walther Family.”

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