Product Review: The Adaptive Kalash instructional DVD

The skills presented in the Adaptive Kalash DVD from Panteao Productions are laid out in a logical format, and Travis Haley’s teaching style is engaging and easy to follow

I recently had the opportunity to view Travis Haley’s Adaptive Kalash video from Panteao Productions. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this instructional DVD and would recommend it to anyone looking for information on the Kalashnikov series of rifles. 

Travis Haley’s firearms and instructional background is impressive but he’s probably best known for his work while with Magpul Dynamics. 

Haley is featured in a number of the Magpul DVDs, and is now teaching on his own under the business name Haley Strategic. 

The Adaptive Kalash DVD starts with a professional (and very thorough) safety brief and then goes into such subjects as history of the AK platform, zeroing AKs in both 7.62x39 and 5.45x39, care and cleaning of the AK, reloading and weapons handling drills, and transition from rifle to pistol. 

The skills presented are laid out in a logical format and Haley’s teaching style is engaging and easy to follow. 

Last month, Police1 posted my review of the SIG Sauer 551A1 rifle. In writing that review I used a number of the skills shown in Adaptive Kalash. 

Even though the SIG has a safety selector lever and bolt release more akin to what’s standard on an AR-15, I found some of the AK skills — particularly the reload skills — were easily applied to the SIG 551A1. 

Panteao has created an extensive library of firearms instructional DVDs with titles covering pistol, rifle, shotgun and edged weapons. In addition, they produce videos on firearms maintenance and competitive shooting sports. 

The Panteao Productions videos I have seen have been very high quality with good sound, multiple camera angles and clean maintained range facilities. 

Gone are the days of an instructional video that consisted of nothing more than a movie camera set up in the back of a classroom while an instructor droned out a boring canned lecture. 

The Panteao DVDs are more like a one-on-one private training session. Videos can be purchased for viewing on a DVD player laptop or can be streamed directly off Panteao’s website

Be sure to check out what Panteao has to offer next time you’re in the market for videos to supplement your range training. I think you’ll find their productions both informational and entertaining.  

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