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VIQ Solutions introduces smart application to enable mobile capture of audio and video evidence automating transcript creation

PHOENIX, Ariz. - VIQ Solutions Inc., a global provider of secure, AI-driven, digital voice and video capture technology and transcription services, today announces the release of CapturePro™ Mobile which simplifies content acquisition and accelerates document creation. Leveraging AI, powered by people, industry professionals can streamline recording and documenting events, without sacrificing security or quality.

Progressive customers demand convenience and speed while interacting with digital content, specifically integrated video content, to securely boost productivity, optimize processes and improve information accessibility. The new mobile app, which supports dictation and multi-speaker recordings, provides a seamless and intuitive experience for media professionals, law enforcement officers and investigators, insurance field personnel and lawyers and paralegals across the globe.

CapturePro Mobile turns a smartphone or tablet into a secure audio AND video recording device that simplifies the process to obtain high-quality, speech-to-text documents within minutes. Users can review and self-edit or they can route for professional transcription when needed. The ability to connect, automate and manage audio and video elements in a secure and unobtrusive way will positively impact the ease and speed of production and delivery of content globally.

CapturePro Mobile supports the management of a wide variety of content types and workflows. For deadline-driven media professionals the ability to remotely capture and create video/audio elements utilizing AI-generated text in a secure, self-serve platform will cut costs and timelines. Busy police detectives will benefit from mobile capture of video/audio interviews and the secure creation of a FirstDraft™ or a verbatim transcript allowing them to focus on more pressing matters. Legal and insurance professionals can easily search and navigate through lengthy transcripts in an expedited manner, saving them valuable time and money.

“We continue to invest in integrated solutions, AI-powered technology, and our experienced workforce to deliver high quality documentation that support the needs of the customer to facilitate the next generation of documentation,” said Susan Sumner, President and Chief Operating Officer, VIQ Solutions. “There are many options in the market to capture audio content, but our approach is vastly different. We deliver the integration of video AND audio into our user experience, because our industry segments demand a complete capture and editing workflow that offers, without compromise, easy to use technology on mobile and tablet applications.”

As the appetite for digitalization of recorded events increases, technology is required to keep pace with the amount of evidentiary content created every day. Committed to helping professionals across the globe speed content creation, VIQ’s AI-based speech-to-text technology increases efficiency, decreases turnaround time, and yields higher transcription accuracy.

About VIQ Solutions

VIQ Solutions is a global provider of secure, AI-driven, digital voice and video capture technology and transcription services. VIQ offers a seamless, comprehensive solution suite that delivers intelligent automation, enhanced with human review, to drive transformation in the way content is captured, secured, and repurposed into actionable information. The cyber-secure, AI technology and services platform are implemented in the most rigid security environments including criminal justice, legal, insurance, government, corporate finance, media, and transcription service provider markets, enabling them to improve the quality and accessibility of evidence, to easily identify predictive insights and to achieve digital transformation faster and at a lower cost.