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Blockchain Intelligence Group provides update, expands footprint with new foreign government law enforcement agencies

Blockchain Intelligence Group has partnered with a State Bureau of Investigations that will be using QLUE to enhance their digital forensic capabilities


Photo via Blockchain Intelligence Group

Press Release

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - BIGG Digital Assets Inc., a leading innovator in the digital assets space and owner of Blockchain Intelligence Group, Netcoins, and TerraZero, announces further expansion of its product and QLUE user base.

Blockchain Intelligence Group has partnered with a State Bureau of Investigations that will be using QLUE to enhance their digital forensic capabilities, which in turn will streamline investigations and resolve cryptocurrency-related cases quickly and affordably. This collaboration underscores the growing need for QLUE, as it enables legal authorities to combat financial crimes involving cryptocurrencies and to ensure the security and integrity of their financial systems.

Blockchain Intelligence Group is further pleased to announce it has secured a National Police Agency in an overseas country. This strategic partnership establishes QLUE as a critical instrument to effectively address cryptocurrency-related investigations in the region. This success sets the stage for future opportunities, with Blockchain Intelligence Group ready to provision additional seats as new sales develop and the partnership between the company and the law enforcement agency matures.

The combined revenue for these new relationships is approximately CAD$164K. Please note that government agencies do not allow us to name them in press releases.

Blockchain Intelligence Group continues to expand its global footprint and offer QLUE to a wider audience. The company remains dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that empower government agencies and law enforcement organizations to navigate the complexities of digital assets with confidence.

“With the rise in security challenges, fraudulent schemes, and various malevolent activities, there’s a growing need for advanced tools and training in cryptocurrency investigations,” remarked Lance Morginn, president of Blockchain Intelligence Group. “By providing investigators with robust tools and comprehensive education, we aim to bolster trust and encourage wider adoption of crypto and blockchain technologies. As the industry evolves, Blockchain Intelligence Group is committed to being at the forefront, offering resources and expertise. We are excited about the future developments and contributions we have in store.”

Blockchain Intelligence Group added support for new blockchains in 2023, including Tron (TRX), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and most recently, Polygon’s (MATIC).

Blockchain Intelligence Group has over 28 billion data points servicing both law enforcement, government agencies, and the financial services sector.

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BIGG Digital Assets Inc. (BIGG) believes the future of crypto is a safe, compliant, and regulated environment. BIGG invests in products and companies to support this vision. BIGG has three portfolio companies: Netcoins (, Blockchain Intelligence Group (, and TerraZero (