Intelligent Computer Solutions Introduces the Image MASSter Solo-101 Hard Drive Duplicator

The new one-to-one Hard Drive Duplicator offers a low cost solution without sacrificing performance or versatility

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CHATSWORTH, Calif.--Intelligent Computer Solutions (ICS), the innovators of the high speed, hard drive Forensic and IT data duplication Image MASSter™ and Rapid Image™ product lines, announces today the immediate availability of the Image MASSter™ Solo-101 - an economical, high speed, one-to-one Hard Drive Duplication device offered in either IT or Forensic version.

The new Image MASSter™ Solo-101 features data transfer rates of over 6 GB/minute, one SATA/IDE/USB 2.0 “Source” Connection (write protected by default) and one SATA/IDE/USB 2.0 “Target” Connection. Additional interfaces are available with optional adapters. SCSI drives can be acquired utilizing a third party USB to SCSI adapter. The unit’s Hard Drive Sanitization mode includes DoD Standard Pass and Secure Erase. Solo-101 can perform all operations utilizing a hardware accelerated SHA-1 and SHA-256 hashing algorithm with no speed degradation. Users can also preview the “Source” hard drive files directly on the unit prior to copying the data.

Additionally, the duplicator allows users to store multiple “Source” drive images utilizing a single “Target” drive or upload “Source” images to a Shared Network Storage location using the unit’s native 1 Gigabit Ethernet Connection. The IT unit’s Copy Formats include the IQ Copy (allows users to copy only allocated files, greatly reducing the time required to copy data), Percent Copy (allows users to copy the “Source” drive’s allocated and unallocated data creating a “mirror” image of the “Source Drive”), and more. The Forensic unit’s Copy Formats include the industry standard, forensically sound DD Capture, the Encase® E01 format, and more. Solo-101 Forensic can also be used to acquire cell phones in the field utilizing 3rd party cell phone acquisition software programs. The Forensic unit currently ships ready to support Mycro Systemation XRY and Paraben’s Device Seizure.

“The new Image MASSter™ Solo-101 is a cost-effective solution that offers the latest technology in data duplication,” states Ezra Kohavi, President of ICS. “This new addition to the ICS’ hard drive duplication line represents the quality and performance that characterizes the Image MASSter™ brand.”

Furthermore, the Image MASSter™ Solo-101 is built in a ruggedized shock absorbent case. It is light weight and easy to carry and transport. It features a color intuitive user friendly touch screen. Additional features include “on the fly” hard drive encryption, Image Restore and the ability to store and print detail operational event log information. For a detailed list of features log on to

About Intelligent Computer Solutions

ICS is a pioneer in disk drive duplication, having first introduced this technology to the world in 1991, in a US patented device. For over twenty years ICS has focused on providing cutting-edge solutions to the Computer Hardware Manufacturers, large IT Organizations, and small IT Departments around the world. ICS also supports state, local and federal government, Law Enforcement communities and the growing private digital forensics investigation sector through the development of leading edge digital forensics hardware and software technology used in some of the most complex digital forensics investigations today. ICS’ product line includes: Handheld IT and Forensic Duplicators, Industrial Multi-Drive Duplicators, Portable Forensic Workstations, Hard Drive Sanitization Units, Write Protection devices and more. Learn more about ICS at

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