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Magnet Forensics announces new Magnet Artifact Exchange

The Artifact Exchange Will Provide a Community for Sharing New and Unsupported Artifacts

WATERLOO, ON — Magnet Forensics, a global leader in developing forensic software for smartphone and computer examinations, today announced that it will open an Artifact Exchange for Magnet AXIOM customers. The exchange allows customers to upload and download custom-made artifacts or applications that are not already natively supported in AXIOM, helping to meet the rising demand for app data in digital forensic examinations.

With the growing number of apps available in various app stores, in addition to the number of versions of each app available, it’s becoming nearly impossible to support data recovery for all apps and app versions in digital forensics software.

“The forensic community is well known for its willingness to help each other and work together to have the greatest impact on criminal investigations,” MacGillivray continued. “We are creating space that will make it simple for AXIOM customers to benefit from the expertise of their peers.”

According to statistics portal Statista, there are more than five million apps available, with an average of 20,000 apps added every week. Any one of those apps could contain relevant forensic material. In addition, examiners could be faced with devices that run different, or even multiple, versions of the same app. In 2016, the WhatsApp Android APK had more than 100 versions posted (

“Digital Forensics professionals need access to as much data as they can retrieve from the greatest number of applications, or artifacts,” said Geoff MacGillivray, Vice President of Product Management at Magnet Forensics. “We want to support our customers and help them recover as much data as possible. The Artifact Exchange allows our community to use peer sharing and helping to ensure they have the best access to the greatest number of apps.”

AXIOM, a complete digital investigation platform, includes the ability for users to build Custom Artifacts that can be integrated into their cases. Magnet Forensics has opened an API for use by customers to develop artifacts in either XML or Python.*

Magnet Forensics customers can start building artifacts today using the Custom Artifact feature in AXIOM and have them ready for sharing when the Artifact Exchange launches. The Artifact Exchange will open in the coming weeks.

About Custom Artifacts
Magnet AXIOM has the ability to ingest and integrate artifacts that customers build using XML or the beta of Python in the text editor or development environment of their choice. Customers use the AXIOM API to integrate their Custom Artifacts into their cases.

For more information on the Artifact Exchange, read our blog post or watch our video.

*Python support is currently in beta. Any customers can use Python to build and use artifacts, and will be able to upload and download Python artifacts in the Artifact Exchange.

About Magnet Forensics
Magnet Forensics is a global leader in the development of digital forensics software that acquires, analyzes and shares evidence from computers, smartphones and tablets. Magnet Forensics has been helping examiners and investigators fight crime, protect assets and guard national security since 2011. For more information, please visit Follow us on Twitter: @MagnetForensics and LinkedIn.