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Magnet Forensics launches new product innovations at 2023 Magnet User Summit to address evolving cybercrime and digital evidence challenges

New innovations will improve collaboration and increase the efficiency of digital investigations

WATERLOO, Ont. — Magnet Forensics, a developer of digital investigation solutions for more than 4,000 enterprises and public safety agencies in over 100 countries, today announced a host of new and upcoming product innovations at its 2023 Magnet User Summit in Nashville, TN.

On the second day of the Magnet User Summit, which is taking place between Apr. 17 and Apr. 19, the company showcased a major new release of Magnet REVIEW and announced that the solution can now be hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). With customers and global digital forensics experts in attendance, Magnet Forensics also previewed a new version of Magnet AXIOM, which will integrate a machine-learning classification model developed by non-profit organization Thorn to improve the detection of child sexual abuse material. The newest version of Magnet AXIOM Cyber, meanwhile, will enable enterprises to leverage the newly integrated memory analysis tools designed by Comae Technologies.

“The updates to Magnet REVIEW and Magnet AXIOM that we announced today are the latest examples of our ongoing collaboration with our public safety partners to improve the pursuit of justice,” said Jad Saliba, founder and chief technology officer at Magnet Forensics. “By making Magnet REVIEW available on AWS, we’re empowering our customers to leverage the benefits of cloud infrastructure to considerably scale their digital investigations and take on heavier workloads. The integration of Thorn’s technology into Magnet AXIOM, meanwhile, will improve investigators’ efforts in identifying and rescuing more innocent victims of child sexual abuse.”

Magnet REVIEW 5.0: An easier way to collaborate on digital investigations

The volume and complexity of digital evidence are causing bottlenecks to form when digital investigators collaborate with non-technical investigators and prosecutors. Magnet REVIEW is making collaboration between these parties more efficient by providing non-technical investigators with a secure platform that enables them to review and share digital evidence remotely.

With the latest major release of Magnet REVIEW, users can now:

  • Host the solution on an AWS cloud environment and increase the scalability, security and ease of their digital investigations.
  • Further synchronize investigations by reviewing tags and comments that were first made on digital evidence in Magnet AXIOM.
  • Simplify their investigations with a new streamlined user interface.

Magnet AXIOM 7.0: Identify child sexual abuse material faster with machine learning

More than 90 percent of police investigations globally now involve digital evidence such as photos, text messages, GPS locations and browsing histories. This evidence has proven essential to both saving innocent lives and bringing criminals to justice. Magnet Forensics’ flagship solution, Magnet AXIOM, enables public safety agencies to recover, analyze and report on the critical digital evidence they need for their investigations.

The latest version of Magnet AXIOM will enable the company’s public safety users to:

  • Leverage Thorn’s CSAM Image Classifier in combination with Magnet.AI to identify child sexual abuse material faster and limit investigators to its exposure.
  • Export tags and comments made on digital evidence into Magnet REVIEW to drive collaboration with detectives and prosecutors.
  • Solve challenges related to privileged material and only examine evidence that is within the scope of the investigation by tagging and excluding data based on a keyword list.

Magnet AXIOM Cyber 7.0: Locate sophisticated threats hidden in memory

Digital evidence is also critical to the efforts of enterprises in responding to cyber incidents such as ransomware, insider events and business email compromise. Magnet AXIOM Cyber empowers enterprises to investigate these incidents and determine how they occurred, what damage was inflicted and potentially, who was responsible.

The newest version of Magnet AXIOM Cyber 7.0 will enable enterprises to:

  • Perform a robust analysis of memory for hidden threats on Windows systems with the integration of Comae Technologies’ memory analysis tools
  • Use a single agent to recover evidence from multiple endpoints at the same organization, simplifying the investigative process.
  • Provide relationship linking for emails and attachments when exporting load files for eDiscovery applications, preserving context for downstream review.

“Cybercriminals have learned to evade traditional detection solutions and leave only the slightest trace of evidence of an attack buried so deeply within memory that it slips by even the most advanced security teams,” said Adam Belsher, chief executive officer at Magnet Forensics. “With the integration of Comae’s memory analysis tools into Magnet AXIOM Cyber, digital forensics and incident response analysts will be able to identify these attacks and recover valuable intelligence about how they were carried out and the damage they caused.”

For more information, please visit and read our product blog posts on Magnet REVIEW 5.0, Magnet AXIOM 7.0 and Magnet AXIOM Cyber 7.0.

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