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White paper: 12 tips for presenting digital evidence in court

Your guide to putting your most professional foot forward on the stand

As integral as digital evidence is to most, if not all, criminal and civil investigations, it’s also easily manipulated. Not only can unexplained gaps in your forensic process diminish your credibility and jeopardize the admissibility of your evidence; your inability to explain even the soundest of processes can be enough to introduce reasonable doubt. The answer: prepare far in advance.

Download our white paper to learn more about:

• The four most important steps you can take to prepare for trial

• The importance of even the smallest details when you seize a device

• The standard acquisition, examination and analysis procedures to go through—and document in your report

• What to keep in mind as you report and present your findings to non-technical audiences

Download 12 Tips for Presenting Digital Evidence in Court.