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How to buy evidence management (eBook)

Evidence management is anything but straightforward these days, but no less critical; these products and procedures can help


Effective evidence management is crucial for every law enforcement agency, regardless of its size or focus. While larger agencies handle significant amounts of evidence, even the smallest departments may manage diverse items, from latent print lifts on index cards to heavy construction equipment. With the rise of smartphones and mandatory bodycam legislation, agencies increasingly handle a variety of digital evidence as well.

Proper evidence management is essential to maintain the integrity of collected items and ensure they remain indestructible within a strict chain of custody throughout the life of a case. While most departments excel in physical evidence maintenance, even well-resourced agencies face challenges with the evolving demands of digital evidence custodianship, risking cases and reputations.

This guide is designed to help agencies navigate these challenges and avoid common pitfalls. It covers critical considerations for planning the acquisition of evidence management facilities, materials, and software, as well as the procedures necessary to care for items in custody.

Included in this guide:

  • Key considerations before purchasing evidence management products and software
  • Essential questions to ask vendors
  • A directory of evidence management companies

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