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How law enforcement can surf the rising tide of digital evidence without drowning in details

Simplify digital evidence management through AI technology

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Veritone iDEMS is an intelligence digital evidence management system that helps accelerate investigations.

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Investigators increasingly must navigate a sea of digital evidence, with an ever-rising tide of audio, video, images and other data captured by body-worn cameras, CCTV systems and citizen-provided doorbell cameras and smartphones that needs to be stored, cataloged and accessed. Law enforcement agencies face the daunting task of managing this surge of data without drowning in the details and need to be able to protect, search and share this wealth of digital evidence efficiently and cost effectively.

Traditional digital evidence management systems (DEMS) offer basic storage and metadata tagging, but falter under this sheer volume and diversity of digital content. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology to power the DEMS, it streamlines the organization, search and analysis of digital evidence, thereby enhancing investigative processes and secure data sharing.

As a leader in the application of AI-based solutions and cutting-edge experience managing vast video content for major broadcasters and sports organizations, Veritone brings its capability and expertise in AI and managing extensive digital content efficiently to public safety with its intelligent digital evidence management system (iDEMS) solution.

Veritone iDEMS is an AI-powered, cloud-based “intelligent” DEMS that helps public safety agencies and organizations quickly access, search, manage, organize and share digital evidence – all of which can help accelerate investigations and improve legal processes. Made up of five Veritone-based applications (Veritone Investigate, Veritone Redact, Veritone Illuminate, Veritone Tracker and Veritone IDentify), the Veritone iDEMS solution provides seamless automated workflows. This starts at the very beginning of ingesting digital evidence, moving on to evidence management, intelligent search and discovery of evidence, sharing and distributing the digital evidence, and even to workflows downstream, such as redaction of the digital evidence.

At the heart of Veritone iDEMS is Veritone Investigate. Built on Veritone’s Enterprise AI platform, aiWARE, Veritone Investigate allows agencies to leverage hundreds of best-of-breed AI models to organize, search and analyze massive volumes of digital evidence. This analysis provides police with actionable insights and linkages to speed their investigations, while allowing them to share this data securely with other agencies.

Featured AI models include Transcription, Translation, Face Detection/Recognition, Object Detection, Scene Classification, Vehicle Recognition (Make/Model, Color, and Type), License Plate Recognition, Text Recognition and more.


There are many challenges associated with an agency’s ability to manage digital evidence effectively, and many ways in which Veritone iDEMS addresses these problems with practical, AI-driven solutions.

Not only is the volume of digital evidence a considerable challenge, so is the variety of file formats, each requiring specific handling to ensure proper storage, access, shareability and proper chain-of-custody tracking. These files can also be scattered across various locations in servers and cloud storage sites, making access and tracking even more difficult.

Veritone iDEMS addresses these issues by automating workflows from any cloud-based or on-premise data source and handling all types of media formats, including storing, viewing and sharing these digital files from a unified cloud-based online platform. Its AI tools can be used to automate Transcription and Translation of this content, along with redacting sections as needed, finding objects, license plates, people and any other key evidence investigators are searching for – and tagging these files with descriptive metadata and tags. The result is faster, more accurate and more accessible digital evidence management.

When it comes to digital evidence handling, CJIS compliance is a must for law enforcement agencies including protecting sensitive data from being stolen by hackers. Veritone iDEMS is designed to meet these compliance requirements while maintaining robust and reliable cybersecurity protection. It also provides an end-to-end custody chain for new digital evidence from the moment it is obtained to where and how it is stored and tagged, and which people are authorized to view or share it.


There are many other benefits associated with using Veritone iDEMS for digital evidence management. This includes being able to designate and track persons of interest across multiple cameras and sources, so their current patterns and future actions can be more reliably detected and predicted. Having all digital evidence stored within a central cloud-based platform also makes searching and cross-referencing leads easy for investigators, along with sharing their findings with other authorized users across the city, county, state, country or globe.

Veritone iDEMS’ flexible design allows its user interface to be customized with each agency’s logos, typography and preferred color schemes for seamless integration into their existing IT infrastructure. Its AI-enabled processes can be configured to instantaneously tag unstructured evidence with metadata for faster, more accurate evidence discovery by users, while the digital evidence workflow can be automated to streamline evidence ingestion, tagging and use permission settings. In other words, Veritone iDEMS can do the “grunt work” associated with DEMS, freeing humans to benefit from its AI-enabled search and analysis functions.


AI-enabled DEMS is an unfamiliar world for many law enforcement agencies, one in which a trusted guide is welcome. Otherwise, they could find themselves anchored to inadequate digital evidence management platforms that just can’t do the job — leaving them to drown in the details.

As digital evidence management evolves, Veritone iDEMS stands out as a solution for federal, state and local agencies. Its ability to process vast amounts of media content daily and Veritone’s recognition as the first AI multi-cloud provider for the U.S. Department of Justice underscores its reliability and effectiveness in managing the growing tide of digital evidence in public safety.

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James Careless is an award-winning freelance writer who covers the public safety sector. His articles have been published in fire, EMS and law enforcement publications across North America.