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Atlantic City Propels Public Safety Into the Future

After hosting a recent Expo for law enforcement and security professionals, Atlantic City is ready to step into the future with new police technology. However, they’ll need the right votes to be able to do it. Their City Council will be meeting today to vote on their technological transformation.

The Police Security Expo was held in Atlantic City just last month. According to NBC40, security professionals and law enforcement officials gathered from around the country to share ideas and strategies. The attendees discussed security camera systems, police car technology, lighting and weaponry.

It’s no big surprise that city officials are now discussing what they will do to improve their technology in Atlantic City. Two years ago, the city received a $3.5 million grant from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. According to Press of Atlantic City, they’re hoping to use the funds towards mobile surveillance and systems that can compute crime trends.

If all runs smoothly with the City Council, the city will be well on it’s way to an upgrade. Today, the Council will be voting on the proposals for the project manager. However, filling the position might not be an easy task. The new position would require the expert to look at the public safety foundation, which includes: records management systems and computer-assisted dispatch.

What Atlantic City is really looking for, is an integrative system where 911 operators and dispatchers can accomplish multiple tasks without having to be on different computer screens, or in different rooms. They’re looking for an enterprise solution that can integrate cameras, track crime and create better mobile solutions for police officers. Ideally, the city would like police officers to be able to do everything from inside their patrol cars as well.

However, their major concern is their current records management system. According to Training Supervisor John Seel, each user must input every address in order to find out what the crime statistics would be for a particular crime area. They are hoping to integrate with a CAD system that would allow them to look at any particular crime area. These types of solutions would help the department to solve crimes quicker, by saving valuable time during the investigations.

With the Council’s vote today, Atlantic City should be well on their way to improving their public safety technology to make the department more efficient. If your police department is looking to make improvements as well, give Capture Technologies a call. From call recording to interview management, we have the technologies that help police departments to save time and money.