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Capture Technologies Keeps Shopping Centers Secure

Oakland, Calif. - Tragic shootings have been happening all over the country, sometimes in the most familiar, yet unexpected places. After a masked gunman opened fire in an Oregon shopping mall yesterday, authorities were shocked to find out that the shooter had no motive. As the gunman killed two, wounded another and ended up taking his own life, the incident ended in horrific tragedy. Now, Oregon police are doing their best to make it right, by adding in more security.

Many tragic incidents have taken place within just this past year. Two shootings occurred in Milwaukee, which ended in tragedy, while another took place in a movie theater in Aurora, Colo. It’s clear that these public spaces need to be kept secure.

That’s why Portland police are increasing the security for now. Patrol times will be increased for shopping centers around the area. According to KGW, they’re even increasing security in the movie theaters. However, the added security is only for the holiday season, and afterward the shopping centers will go back to the way they were before.

While there was security in place at the Clackamas Town Center mall, it’s unclear as to how much security they had in place at the time of the incident. In a recent New York Times article, security guard Shaun Wik spoke about what had happened. He described a scene full of chaos, where shoppers shoved each other, dove under things and ran to get outside of the building. However, Wik did not describe what he did to calm the shoppers or apprehend the shooter. Of course, the shooter took his own life before he could be arrested.

There seems to be a pattern here with shootings and an overall lack of security in centers. More and more shopping centers are hiring more guards and installing more surveillance in order to keep the people safe, not only from violence, but also from theft and other crimes. Even in smaller shopping areas, they have recognized the need for increased security.

In Oakland, Calif., Pacific Renaissance Plaza recognized this need. They hired Capture Technologies to install 19 new security cameras just within this past year. The plaza ultimately chose to upgrade their security system in order to deter crime in the area. Especially for break-ins, theft and vandalism the cameras are a valuable asset to the plaza’s security. Not only that, but now the Oakland Police Department and the plaza have a better system for solving crimes in Oakland’s Chinatown.

In Braintree, Mass. authorities are recognizing the same benefits to added security. Their South Shore Plaza will be adding more security cameras by next year, and they’re even discussing adding extra security for special events. Their mall will be covering the entrances and exits with cameras set at lower angles. The positioning is said to create accurate images of people’s faces as they are coming and going. According to Braintree Patch, their police department has been very successful in using video to identify people.

Surveillance and other forms of security are essential for large businesses and shopping centers. Every upgrade, large or small, can be effective in keeping the community safer. Ask Capture Technologies about our security solutions for your shopping center or mall. We are dedicated to making your business a safer place.