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Crime Tech Solutions Exceeds Targets while Serving the Market for Investigation Software


Your Source for Investigation Software – today announced that 2015 revenues from software sales and services exceeded annual objectives by 100%. The company develops, markets, and implements an array of crime fighting technologies for use by commercial and law enforcement investigators.

“2015 was much better than we could have hoped for from a growth perspective”, said Tyler Wood, Operations Manager at Crime Tech Solutions. “We were able to clearly stake our claim as the price/performance leader for crime analysis software including link analysis software, geospatial crime mapping and predictive policing tools, criminal intelligence database management software, and investigative case management software.”

Due to non-disclosure agreements in place with customers, Crime Tech Solutions did not release specific client information but confirmed that the bulk of their revenue came from software sales and service to commercial and law enforcement agencies across North and South America.

Working closely with International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA), The Association of Law Enforcement Investigation Units (LEIU), The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), Crime Tech Solutions led the industry in providing free education seminars for crime analysts and fraud examiners. The company also financially supports Crime Tech Weekly (, a blog site that outlines best-practices for investigators of crime and fraud. This consultative approach to the market, according to Mr. Wood, has been essential to building trust with the marketplace and has led to the rapid growth and profitability.

While Crime Tech Solutions declined to elaborate with specifics, the company eluded to making some strategic acquisitions in 2016 and beyond. The objective, said Mr. Wood, is to become the undisputed value-leader for crime fighting software including investigative link analysis and social network analytics, crime mapping and predictive policing, investigative case management, and intelligence database management software.

“Our competitors seem to want to focus on the very top tier of the market”, said company founder Douglas Wood. “We recognize that the market has been searching for a provider that can deliver powerful software that fits fiscal budgets.”

About Crime Tech Solutions
Crime Tech Solutions, LLC ( is a limited liability company operating in the technology hub of Austin, TX. Founded by investigation software pioneers, the company’s focus is on delivering cost-effective but powerful tools for use by crime and fraud analysts in the investigation, detection, and prevention of blue and white collar crimes. The company supports a variety of associations and organizations dedicated to using technology and analytics for investigative purposes.