The Vertex Advantage from Tarheel Canine Training, Inc.

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The Vertex Advantage

    • Human Grade Protein Supplement – nearly 100% digestibility
    • Antioxidant Vitamins C & E
    • Antioxidant Micro Algae, “Astaxanthin” aids reproductive health, immune response, and resistance to disease.
    • 1-4 Tablespoons per day in most cases!
    • Quick Energy - Complex carbohydrates (Maltodextrin) that convert to Glycogen quickly.
    • Glucosamine, Chondroitin, & MSM – Stimulate growth of new cartilage components and reduce pain and inflammation.
    • Get High Performance from your Working K9!
    • Help Older Dogs be more active and comfortable!
    • Maintain or boost weight gain!
    • Excellent Coat & Reduced Shedding!
    • Wheat & Corn Free!

Who should be fed Vertex?

    • The Canine Athlete
    (Hunting, Schutzhund, Police K9, Racing, Weight Pulling, etc.)
    • Pregnant or Lactating Females
    (Has been known to double milk and increase health of pups at birth.)
    • Finicky eaters
    (Makes into irresistible gravy.)
    • Dogs recovering from sickness
    (Parvo, Anemia, Accidents, etc.)
    • Dogs with poor digestion
    (Hard to keep weight on.)
    • Dogs with low energy levels
    • Stud dogs and brood females
    (Helping increase sperm count and fertility)

Directions for Use:

Show Health:

Strength Training and Endurance

Pregnant or Lactating

Extreme Work

Older Dogs


2 tsp./20 lb.

4 tsp./20lb

4 tsp./20lb

1/4 - 1/2 cup (with equal amount of water)

1 tsp./ 30lb.

  When to Feed

With daily ration

4 hr. before work and 20 min. after

Twice a day with daily ration

8-10 hr. before and after workout

with daily ration

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