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Video: 2 homeless men attack security guard, take his weapon

The guard suffered cuts and bruises on his face, but refused medical attention

By Police1 Staff

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Two homeless men attacked a security guard inside a McDonald’s after the officer told them to leave the restaurant.

The officer approached the two men Wednesday and asked them to leave the premises because they were sleeping at tables, Fox 11 reported.

The two men began attacking the officer, who tried to defend himself with pepper spray. At one point, one of the men punched the officer and took his baton.

“At some point the security guard’s baton is taken and it’s used against him,” Lt. Saul Rodriguez told Fox 11. “At that point people tried to intervene and assist the security guard.”

The guard was able to push the men out of the McDonald’s as backup arrived. One suspect was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. The guard suffered cuts and bruises on his face, but refused medical attention.

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