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Video: CEO takes shot to demonstrate less lethal device

“There’s no penetration, there’s no laceration,” CEO Steve Luna said after the test. “This is what it’s intended to do”

By Joanna Putman

PAHRUMP, Nev. — A less lethal weapons manufacturer tested a projectile launcher on its CEO, a video released by Alternative Ballistics Corporation shows.

The test was intended to show the capacity of the company’s newest less lethal device, called The Alternative, to debilitate a suspect using an aluminum ball. The Alternative fires an aluminum alloy projectile at 20% of the velocity of a bullet, according to the Alternative Ballistics website.

The Alternative can be holstered in an officer’s duty belt and drawn with one hand, according to the website. It is intended to incapacitate the subject without breaking bones.

“I’m taking it upon myself to be the first to be shot with The Alternative because I want to show that we have a very effective tool that was created to preserve life and protect officers in the line of duty,” Alternative Ballistics CEO Steve Luna stated in the video.

The video shows North Las Vegas Police Department Sergeant Jose Garcia (Ret.) firing the weapon at Luna and striking Luna’s knee. A paramedic in the testing range showed that though Luna’s knee was severely bruised, no bones were broken. Luna was able to walk following the test.

“There’s no penetration, there’s no laceration,” Luna said after the test. “This is what it’s intended to do.”