New: Non-Lethal Self Defense Program from SABRE

Security Equipment Corporation’s (SEC) non-lethal civilian self defense program gives public safety officers another great opportunity to help citizens in their community!

How can you help your community members reduce their risk of becoming a victim of violent crime? As unemployment reaches its highest level in
twenty-six (26) years, civilians are becoming increasingly concerned about their personal safety. Proactive, ambitious public safety officers can now step in and lend a much need hand. “Making Grown Men Cry Since 1975”, Security Equipment Corporation (SEC) has created the SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Program (CSAP) to accomplish the following goals:

• Prevent Attacks Through Awareness & Avoidance
• Better Prepare SABRE Users Through Knowledge, Experience & Muscle Memory
• Income Opportunity for Public Safety Officers
• Very Positive Public Relations Opportunity for Law Enforcement Agencies

Whether you work through your agency or set up a side business, SABRE CSAP is perfect for a huge demographic: Commuters, Nurses, Singles, Runners, Wait Staff, College Students, Real Estate Agents, etc. Local businesses, organizations, community and social groups are a perfect fit for CSAP’s benefits which will help their members live smarter and safer. Your CSAP opportunities are tremendous. Want timing? Over-stretched law enforcement budgets and increasing unemployment rates typically result in an increase in violent crime. The CSAP program teaches:

• Safety Awareness & Ways to Avoid Attacks
• How to Carry and Properly Deploy Pepper Spray
• Verbal Commands and Presence
• Training Drills & Defense against Simulated Attacks with Inert Practice Sprays
• Post Deployment Advice
• Simple Self Defense Techniques

Designed by experienced law enforcement defensive tactics and firearms instructors, Lexington County Sheriff’s Department, SC conducted the first ever SABRE CSAP. Sgt. Don Wieder stated the following. “Who better for civilians to receive training from than a L.E. OC Instructor? We did a massive and well received media blitz, TV & Radio. The classes almost filled in a day. We even found a sponsor to fund our CSAP classes for an entire year! This can be a huge community outreach program for your agency.”

Are you ready for a new challenge? Benefit Your Agency! Advance Your Career! Help Your Community! Contact Security Equipment Corporation and see if you qualify for the next CSAP Instructor Certification Course in your area. For a list of upcoming dates and times, please email or call 800-325-9568. SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Program - “Be Smart – Be Ready – Be Safe!”

Security Equipment Corporation – 747 Sun Park Drive – Fenton, MO 63026 –

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