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SABRE Law Enforcement Aerosols receive highest quality standard in the industry

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Security Equipment Corporation (SEC), manufacturer of SABRE Aerosol Irritant Projectors (AIP), is pleased to announce we have achieved certification to the ASTM E3187-19, Standard Specification for Less Lethal Aerosol Devices Used by Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Other Public Safety Officers along with the companion certification standard, ASTM E3215-19, Standard Practice for Certification of Less Lethal Aerosol Devices Used by Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Other Public Safety Officers.

The SABRE Red 1.33% MC Crossfire Stream & Gel flip top duty belt units along with their SABRE Red 1.33% MC Generation 1 Stream flip top duty belt units have all been certified by SEI (Safety Equipment Institute), effective October 11, 2021. Initial certification testing was successfully completed on September 24, 2021, in accordance with the requirements of ASTM E3187-19 & E3215-19, Standard Specification for Less Lethal Aerosol Devices Used by Law Enforcement and Corrections & Practice for Certification of Less Lethal Aerosol Devices.

For over 35 years, SEI has served as one of the world’s leading independent third-party certification program providers. SEI works with government agencies, standards development organizations, governing bodies, and manufacturers to accomplish one common goal to provide first responders and law enforcement with certified, trusted safety equipment. Using the most recognized, comprehensive safety standards in the world, SEI administers third-party certification programs and tests for public safety.

The ASTM E3187-19 certification is the highest quality standard globally for duty belt law enforcement aerosol irritant projectors. Certification also means that listed AIP models have been tested and found to meet the ASTM Standards, and the facilities where they are manufactured have been audited and meet stringent quality assurance requirements.

“As the market leader in law enforcement aerosol irritant projectors, our organization is committed to continually investing in our products and procedures so that they receive and maintain the highest certification as it is our mission to help agencies Make It Safe,” said Mike Patterson, Head of SABRE Law Enforcement Sales.

The SABRE Law Enforcement AIPs underwent rigorous testing, including resistance to crushing, resistance to dropping, resistance to high temperature, resistance to low temperature, flammability, electroshock weapon (esw) flammability, HPLC analysis, etc. All product model testing is conducted in accordance with globally recognized product standards from organizations like ASTM International, ANSI/ANAB, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the U.S. National Institute of Justice (NIJ).


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