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T4E TS 68 Paintball Marker

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The T4E TS 68 .68 Caliber Paintball marker takes its design from a side-by-side shotgun pistol or a sawed-off shotgun. This marker can use .68 caliber paint or rubber balls and will launch them at 200 FPS. It can also sire chalk balls or pepper balls. The TS 68 is only 19.3 inches long and features a 7.7-inch barrel and a Quick Piercing CO2 mechanism that allows for instant charging. Also included standard on the HDS is an under-barrel Picatinny accessory rail. Shoot either of two barrels or both barrels at once! Load up your 12 gram CO2, pop two projectiles into the breech, and flip the switch to choose how to send them flying. The TS 68 is made out of sturdy polymer and aluminum. Learn more about our TS 68 and see how it could provide you and your family the confidence to protect yourself: