Breakthrough decon technology minimizes exposure risk to warfighters

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Currently, units lack an effective solution for immediate decontamination. Warfighters are unable to conduct sustained operations in CBRNE hazard environments. Exposure risks are increased in the midst of unpacking, mixing, wiping, and manually pumping substandard decon products.

The Decon7 Biological Decontaminant Accelerated Spray Plus (BDAS+) is a breakthrough solution to the complex chemical and engineering issues of containing the world’s most effective military grade decontaminant in an individual rapid response application system. Combining familiar operation steps similar to a fire extinguisher, but with improved ergonomics tailored to the task and user, warfighters and first responders now have access to a truly immediate decon solution.

The Decon7 BDAS+ is ready-to- use (RTU), lightweight, portable, and rapidly deployable. It neutralizes chemical and biological warfare agents (CBWs), hazardous industrial chemicals (TICs), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bodily fluids, bacteria and viruses.

The Decon7 BDAS+ is easy to use while wearing PPE including MOPP IV, Class II, Class III and Level A ensembles. Allowing up to a 15 ft (4.5 m) standoff distance for the warfighter, direct contact with the threat is avoided so exposure is reduced and potential spread of contamination is minimized.

Decon7 Systems LLC has partnered with top tier firms for design, engineering, and manufacturing of the BDAS+. The BDAS+ won a 2016 Bronze IDEA in the annual design competition conducted by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA). The industrial design aesthetic takes its cue from defense products. Functional, angular lines give it a purposeful, rugged look. The knurled handle, bright yellow safety tab, and trigger illustrate the correct operation of the unit and communicate importance of these features. The integrated yellow safety and dust cover also keeps critical areas sealed against harsh environments.

Three components are contained in three bag-on- valve cylinders, protected by a roll cage-inspired, slatted casework made from high-impact plastic that provides excellent impact and drop-resistance.

Through careful material selection, component reduction, and designing the product for ease of assembly and simplified manufacturing Decon7 was able to balance the need for ruggedness and durability with the demand for a disposable product.  Hundreds of prototypes have been field tested by agencies such as the FBI, Pentagon Force Protection Agency, US Secret Service, Army National Guard WMD-CSTs, SOCOM, USASOC, NAVEOD, and more.

About Decon7 Systems
Decon7 develops and manufactures tactical decontamination solutions for military, public safety, and security professionals worldwide. On top of large scale solutions, D7's portable, ready-to-use low burden systems are able to seamlessly reduce the spread of contamination and minimize exposure risk to first responders.

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